Coloplast Sensura Mio High-Output ostomy bags: Overview (w/ video)

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If you’re a fan of the Coloplast SenSura Mio line and you have a high-output stoma, have I got something for you!

Why not a product review? As much as I would love to try these out for a review, my output is too thick to use this appliance the way it’s intended. I have reviewed other SenSura Mio products, which may also be worth checking out.


Coloplast SenSura Mio High-Output Ostomy Product Overview
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Coloplast surprised many of us with their SenSura Mio line.

The Mio’s featured better cloth material in a more neutral colour; an updated filter; several small, but useful changes; and it became an appliance that gets mentioned just about everywhere I look.

Recently, a marketing email from Coloplast caught my attention: High-output pouches were now available in the SenSura Mio line.

Because I wanted to tell you guys about these new products, I immediately jumped on the opportunity to request samples (and Coloplast is very good at sending samples).

That said, like previous articles and reviews on this site, this is not sponsored in any way.

Why These?

There are two main reasons why an ostomate might use an appliance like this:

  • They find themselves waking up in the middle of the night to empty their appliance, and they’d like to avoid that.
  • They have a very active stoma that fills up regularly sized pouches too quickly.

These high-output bags can solve both of those problems, which is why this is such an exciting product to see.

In addition, there are other scenarios where I can see this being quite handy, especially if you’re a Sensura Mio user already:

  • During bowel prep. If you’re asked to do a bowel prep, you may experience high-volume, liquid output. This would be the perfect appliance to wear during that time.
  • After surgery. It’s unlikely that you’ll be given a product like this after your surgery. But if you can prepare ahead of time, or already have an ostomy and are going in for another procedure, this may also be useful to keep around.

How Big is Big?

Currently, the “large” SenSura Mio pouches, like large pouches from other brands, have a capacity of about 655ml.

That capacity is often more than enough for many ostomates, especially considering that most people are told to empty their appliance when it’s about 1/3 full anyway.

The new, high-output pouches have a capacity that goes up to over 1100ml depending on the style!

Coloplast sensura mio capacity vs high output pouches_small
You can see the massive difference between the regular “Maxi” size on the left to one of the larger high-output pouches on the right.

For length, we’re talking 12″ for the #18601 and similarly sized pouches when the outlet is folded up vs. 7.5″ for the Maxi size pouches (also with the outlet folded up).

Comparing the Old with the New

Whenever someone would ask what appliance they recommend for a high-output stoma, I would say the Coloplast SenSura Magnum.

The Magnum still is a recommended product, but the newer Mio pouches may appeal to more people for several different reasons.


The Magnum pouches use a standard, beige cloth material that isn’t terrible, but it’s not great.

The Mio pouches feature a smooth, greyish material that looks modern and clean.

One of the benefits of the newer cloth material is that it repels water better than their previous fabric. That means, it will dry faster and won’t absorb water or sweat.

Coloplast Magnum vs Sensura Mio high output
The Coloplast SenSura Magnum (left) vs. SensSura Mio High-Output (right) pouch.


While it’s not printed on the pouch (as it is on the regular SenSura Mio pouches), I assume the filter on these high-output appliances use the “Circle Filter 430” because they pretty much look the same.

If you’re unaware of the filter system on the SenSura Mio, then it may come as a bit of a surprise as it features a large, circular pre-filter.

Coloplast Sensura Mio high output filter
The large pre-filter should help to prevent premature filter clogs.

This pre-filter is supposed to slow down any output or liquid from reaching the charcoal filter at the top of the pouch.

I’ve had mixed results with it on their smaller pouches due to them clogging up, but I do notice that these high-output pouches seem to have some extra layers to prevent output from heading towards the top of the pouch; this may prove to be more effective at preserving the filter’s function.

As with other Coloplast pouches, you will need to put a filter sticker over the front opening of the filter on these pouches to prevent water (i.e. from a shower) from clogging it).

You’ll want to check with Coloplast to see if filterless options for this pouch are available, if that’s something you prefer.

Coupling Options

The SenSura Magnum pouches only came in the two-piece style with a mechanical coupling that fits on the SenSura Click wafer.

These newer pouches come in one-piece, two-piece with adhesive, and two-piece with mechanical couplings!

Tip: All of these options fit existing SenSura Mio wafers, which is a bonus if you already use SenSura Mio products.

Lots of options to choose from, although using the two-piece pouch allows you to swap the pouch for a smaller bag during the day or during intimacy.

Extra Features

Having a large capacity is only one part of the story and the Mio pouches have more to offer.

Inspection Window

One of my favorite features on opaque pouches are inspection windows.

The regular SenSura Mio products were the first by Coloplast to offer this feature and I’m glad to see it on these larger pouches.

Coloplast SenSura Mio Click inspection window
Photo of the inspection window in use on the maxi size SenSura Mio. It would work the same with the high-output pouches.

Inspection windows can be helpful when putting on your appliance (especially one-piece systems) as they allow you better visibility and less guesswork when you align your appliance over your wafer.

Inspection windows are also handy when you need to give your stoma a peek to monitor health or the output in the appliance.

Special Drain

Unlike wide outlets, which may be difficult to empty liquid output without causing a mess, these high-output pouches feature a special “spigot” that allows you to control the flow as you empty it by squeezing the base of the outlet.

The outlets look similar to Coloplast’s urostomy bags, but the spout is larger on these high-output outlets because they are intended to drain stool from the pouch.

Colplast sensura mio high output vs urostomy
SenSura Mio High-Output (left) vs. SenSura Mio Urostomy (Right)

There are actually two styles available in these pouches:

  • Wide-lumen/Hard Outlet, which works well in most cases.
  • Soft outlet/Universal Connection, which can be attached to a night drainage bag if needed.
Coloplast Sensura Mio high output soft and hard outlet
The soft outlet (top) can be used to attach a night drainage bag too.

It suffices to say that these pouches are designed to handle liquid or loose output, so they are better suited to ileostomates and not recommended for colostomates.

Folding Drain

While the outlet on these pouches can hang down quite low, Coloplast allows you to tuck it neatly under the cloth material in a special slot they added.

Coloplast Sensura Mio high output outlet folded

This may not seem like a big deal, but it’s always nice to have the ability to shorten your appliance in certain situations.

Is it Right for You?

At the time of this writing (Jan 2022), these pouches cost approx. two-times what the other Sensura Mio products costs, which is significantly higher (i.e CDN$14 / pouch).

The cost may be prohibitive for some people, especially those paying out of pocket.

You may be able to extend the life of these if you only use them at night by rinsing and reusing your two-piece pouch, otherwise, these should last you about as long as other Sensura Mio products you may have already been using.

If you’ve woken up throughout the night to empty your appliance, I think it’s worth at least exploring this option.

And if you have a stoma that’s very active, these pouches may also benefit you.

For more information on these and other Coloplast products, please visit in Canada. Contact your local Coloplast office to see if/when they will be available in your country.

Question: Do you use any of these? Share your experience below.

37 thoughts on “Coloplast Sensura Mio High-Output ostomy bags: Overview (w/ video)”

  1. Haha these huge bags bring back a memory for me. When I first had gotten my temporary loop Ostomy back in 2017 the nurse threw one of those in there in my take home stuff. Well, here I am brand new at this stuff and was having trouble putting on my bags so I thought ok if I can get this one on I won’t have to worry till the next day and could go in to see the nurses. Well, of course they were booked up so I went to the ER lol!!! To get the bag changed!!!! Can you imagine? They were smiling and very kind even though I should not be in the ER for this but they sent the stoma nurse down from the hospital floor and she was like why do you have on this big huge thing? Back then it was a serious problem to me but now I can look back and laugh. Thanks for the memory. I’m sure these do come in handy for people who have massive output. I kind of liked the plug at the end. 

  2. i have opted to go the coloplast route as far as products go…. and there good! if there has been problems for me its due to improper application or i moved to much and broke the seal and casued seepage and didnt change my appliance soon enough and cause skin damage… yada yada yada i love reading the product reviews on this website it is insightful and helpful.  however coloplast there are a few things i dont understand about you??? i have had problems with seepage from day one. i am very good with taking instruction and methodology of process.  thats the sort of thing i do daily in my profession!! the ET nurse measured my stoma while i was in the hospital to ensure that i would have samples waiting for me, sweet!.  so as part of the process the ET nurse sent my stoma measurements to coloplast… mean while i am going threw the process of changing appliance and measureing and looking at product guides and what i determined was that i needed a cut to fit wafer 10-45mm with a 50mm coupling. coloplast you have my measurements!! when i arrived home all the samples that i received where the wrong size??? i recieved from coloplast a cut to fit 10-35mm with a 40mm coupling?? anyone else have these problems?? i feel like i get the run around everytime i talk to them?? have you done this and this and if you say yes i have done all that, then they come around oh well this is a product that may suit your needs…. its like bread crumbs why dont you tell me about the latest and greatest??? i just dont get it???

    • Hey ileo_chopper. Are you getting these supplies from Coloplast directly or through a medical supplier? Do you know the size of your stoma? Sometimes, your stoma will be fine regardless of the flange size, but it is nice to be consistent.

      • i get my supplies threw can med direct.  since i have been having problems i have been communicating directly with coloplast.  they will not sell to you directly. i do know the size of my stoma, the ET nurse measured in the hospital and sent them to coloplast thats why im so confused?? about getting supplies that are the wrong size? and yes thats what im going for is consistency… still need some more time is all.

        • The size you had after your surgery adjust afterwards for a few weeks. So you might be a different size now, so you need to remeasure and order accordingly.

    • I found that the transparent pouch is better than the other, because I can use Osto EZ vent with it.  The other makes it almost impossible to attach one.

  3. Hi. I am currently using this high output system. It really nice, but I wanted to know which night drainage bag can be used with this pouch?

    • Hi Gurwinder. Only the Soft outlet/Universal Connection will work with a night drainage bag, but you’ll want to contact Coloplast to see what options will work for you. The only night drainage products they have on their website are either for urostomy or attaches to the flange (different system).

      • Just make sure you match up the pouch to the baseplate as they have different sizes.  Not interchangeable.  Found out hard way.  Call Coloplast to make sure you get the right baseplate that fits pouch you use. Kathy MacPherson GOD SAVE THE USA GOD BLESS OUR POLICE OFFICERS

        • Actually, Kathy, the really neat thing about these high-output bags is that you don’t have to swap the actual bag out (like you need to with the Assura night drainage bag). You should be able to simply attach a drain to the end of the outlet (only the soft one) and have it drain into a larger bag or container. I have other systems that include the actual drain part, but I don’t know what options Coloplast has for this application specifically. :)

        • I have tried the nighttime collection bag and felt “cornered" with it.  I still have a problem with the “click" – getting it to stay together.  I superglue the 2 pieces together and use it as a one-piece.  Whatever works and this works for me.  Everyone finds a system that works for them or adjusts a system – adapt and prevail :)   KathyMac GOD SAVE THE USA GOD BLESS OUR POLICE OFFICERS

        • Hey guys. I ended up contacting coloplast and they sent me a sample of the 14010 night drainage bag. It works with both soft and tap outlets(I use the coloplast 18601 pouch).They also included this hanging clip if you will that is called Conveen 5070. With it you can hang it. I just hang on the side of my bed. It seems like when you hook up the pipe for the drainage bag to the outlet on the pouch that it will definitely fall off so I just wrapped the pipe end and pouch tap with some 3m micropore tape. With the tape it won’t fall out and now I can finally have a good night sleep. There is not really any information on the web about it so I thought I will write this post to help anyone else who might me wondering.

        • Great info, Gurwinder. Thanks for sharing. With the tubing on the night drain bag, it seems like you have to have liquid output for it to pass through trouble-free, correct? I know many urostomates use a similar setup, but they don’t have to worry about clogging those tubes like ileostomate/colostomates do.

        • Yes. I usually have liquid output. It’s a lot easier to drain the pouch in my opinion. It passes through the tubing just fine. I always had a problem during the night with the pouch ballooning with gas so even if my pouch was empty, it would be full of gas, during the day it wont do it. The coloplast filters go bad really quickly so the gas wont escape. I was always worried that I might get a blowout. So far that hasn’t happened but now with the night drainage bag I am worry free.

      • I disagree. I use the hard outlet and attach a night bag aka fistula bag. If you are talking about attaching a night urostomy bag that is different. I’ve been doing for 5 years now.

  4. Found the best high-volume pouches for me. Had a chance to try the Coloplast Assura High Output Click pouch (#8114) and had to use the wafer #2881. Through EBay, I got 5 boxes of 10 pouches per box for total of $50 (free shipping). The Wafers come in boxes of 5 and cost about $25/box. The fit is phenomenal and I finally figured out the click system. I still use the Brava tape extenders just for my own peace of mind, even though I have never had any product from Coloplast leak. Getting average of 5-days wear time, too. No skin problems at all. I also still like the fact I don’t have to use all the other stuff – adhesive remover wipes/sprays, adhesive wipes/sprays, powder, etc. I received the one piece high-volume sample from Hollister. Booo. Within about 12 hours, it leaked – as per usual from my experience with Hollister products. Just reporting on my success.


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