Food Gallery

Here are some dishes that I’ve been able to enjoy over the years.  All of these are vegan and all were consumed while I had Crohn’s Disease.  I can enjoy most, if not all, of these meals with my ostomy.

I hesitate to post these photo, knowing that many of my friends with IBD can’t enjoy food the way I have been since getting my ostomy.  

With active Crohn’s, I wasn’t even able to drink water without being in tremendous pain,  so part of me hopes that if eating has been hard for you, that things will eventually get better.

For the lucky ones who don’t have IBD, I hope these dishes illustrate just how nutritious and enjoyable a plant-based diet can be!

Updated Feb 7, 2022 (added 1 new photo!)

10 thoughts on “Food Gallery”

  1. I have had my colostomy for 2 yrs now shes a lifer . awesome! I know right ..? Smurfette is her name . I did have Daisy first but she died too small.
    Anyways I am thinking about doing vegan some and still eat some meats not alot bc my keeping what I need in my body to help it works sucks. B12 on shots even . vit d and many more . im always hungry. And protein is the staple of my diet bc sleeved and bypassed .


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