Ostomy Clothing Manufacturers and Suppliers

Ostomy Clothing manufacturers

Below you will find a list of manufacturers and/or suppliers who specialize in ostomy clothing and accessories.  These products include underwear, swimwear, pouch covers and wraps for ostomates.  This list is by no means complete, but I will continue to add to it as I come across new links.

I’ve reviewed quite a few ostomy accessories, including pouch covers, wraps and support bands. Check them out HERE.
A clothing guide for men who have an ostomy can be found HERE, and the guide for ladies is HERE!

Many of these companies sell more than just what I’ve listed, and most will ship internationally.

Ostomy clothing manufacturers UPDATED: Dec 13, 2017

- Added Bags Undercover (dec 4, 2017)
- Added Design your ostomy (Nov 16, 2017)
- Updated SuportX listing (Oct 2, 2017)
- Updated CUI listing (Oct 2, 2017)
- Added NordiCare (Oct 2, 2017)
- Added Bort medical (Oct 2, 2017)
- Added Nu-hope (Oct 2, 2017)
- Added Safe n' simple (Oct 2, 2017)
- Added Basko Healthcare (Oct 2, 2017)
- Added Dry Corp listing (Sept 11, 2017)
- Added Ostomate Active listing (Sept 10, 2017)
- Added ostomy wraps to Weir comfees listing (Sept 4, 2017)
- Removed 4meunderwear as they are no longer in business. (Aug 15, 2017)
Company NameLocationProducts Offered
Amazon.comUSA, offers various shipping options.Men and women's undergarments, support bands, pouch covers, stoma guards, shower covers,
ANACanadaMen and Women's undergarments
Awestomy!USALadies underwear, support wraps, ostomy awareness gear
Bags Undercover (Etsy store)CanadaOstomy Pouch covers
Basko HealthcareNetherlandsSupport belts, hernia belts.
Between You & MeAustraliaMen and women's undergarments, intimacy wear, pouch covers.
Bort MedicalGermany w/ international distributors.Hernia support belts.
C&S Ostomy Pouch CoversUSAOstomy pouch covers, lingerie & intimate wear
ComfizzUKMen and women’s underwear, support bands, hernia bands.
CUI InternationalUKOstomy underwear, support bands, hernia bands
ComfortBeltUKOstomy support belts
Design Your Stoma by StomaatjeNetherlandsOstomy pouch covers, seatbelt covers, ostomy wraps.
Dry CorpUSAWaterproof ostomy wrap.
EdgeparkUSACarries men and women’s ostomy underwear, wraps, support belts
Empower Your ChangeUSAShower guards
Grandma’s HandsCanadaOstomy pouch covers
Intimate MomentsUSAMen and women's undergarments and lingerie.
JoeiesCanadaOstomy undergarments and bands
Knightwear Ostomy UnderwearAustraliaWomen's undergarments, bands, pouch covers.
Matéma NetherlandsMen and women's ostomy swimwear and lengerie
NordiCareSwedenOstomy support bands, hernia bands.
Nu-Hope Laboratories, Inc.USAOstomy accessory belts, hernia belts
Ostabelt Inc.CanadaOstomy support belts.
Ostomate ActiveAustraliaOstomy pouch covers, shower covers. support belts.
Ostomy AmigoCanadaOstomy support garments.
OstoMartUKUndergarments, support bands
Ostomy Care C.S.P.CanadaMen and women's undergarments, wraps, support belts, pouch covers.
OstomyPocketsUSAOstomy pouch support covers
OstomyProtectorUSASeat belt guard
OstomysecretsUSA, EuropeMen and women’s underwear, swimwear, wraps
Ostomy SolutionsUSAOstomy Support Belt
PouchWearUSAOstomy pouch covers, support belts, wraps, shower covers.
Pretty Little CurlsUSAOstomy pouch covers
Respond Healthcare Ltd.UKOstomy support belts, wraps, swimwear
Safe n' SimpleUSAOstomy support belts, hernia belts.
See Me GoNetherlandsOstomy wraps for men and women
Seventh DenimUKJeans for ostomates
Stealth BeltUSACustom ostomy support belts
StomaCloakUSAOstomy pouch covers
Stoma na undGermanyOstomy bands, wraps, hernia support, ladies shorts.
StomaStyleUKOstomy pouch covers.
StomieAustraliaWomen's pouch covers, bands.
SuportXUKMen and women's underwear, wraps, support belts, hernia belts.
The Great Bowel MovementUSAOstomy awareness apparel
Tytex (Corsinel and StomaSafe brands)DenmarkCompression and support garments; hernia belts.
Vanilla BlushUKMen and ladies underwear, swimwear
Weir ComfeesCanadaMen and women’s swimwear, seat belt covers, pouch covers, ostomy wraps.
White Rose Collection LtdUKMen and women’s ostomy clothing

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