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Finding the right ostomy products is crucial to being a successful ostomate. The best way to find the right product is to sample them, and while I’ve done my best to offer unbiased PRODUCT REVIEWS, there really is no substitution for try products out yourself.

Below, you’ll find a list of ostomy supply manufacturers from around the world. These companies offer everything from ostomy bags and wafers to adhesive removers and barrier rings.

I’ve indicated which companies explicitly offer free samples on their website, but you may need to contact their customer service directly to find out if they offer samples not listed on their website.

Some companies only offer products within their home country, while others ship internationally (usually through distributors or medical supply stores); it’s best to check with them to see where their products are available.

Ostomy Suppliers UPDATED April 5, 2018

CompanyLocationProducts offeredFree samples?
AllweCare MedicalNetherlandsOstomy bags, wafers.YES
B. BraunCanada & Global officesOstomy bags, wafersYES, Call
B. Braun (USA)USAOstomy bags, wafersYES
BagItAwayUSAOstomy disposal bagsYES
CliniMedUKOstomy bags, wafers, wafer extenders, stoma paste, adhesive removers, etc.YES
Colo-MagicCanadaPouch linersYES
Coloplast CorporationDenmark, Global officesOstomy bags, wafers, pouch deodorant, adhesive remover, barrier wipes, wafer extenders, etc.YES, by location
ConvaTec Inc.USA, Global officesOstomy bags, wafers, pouch deodorant, adhesive remover, barrier wipes, wafer extenders, etc.YES, by location
Cymed Ostomy Co.USAOstomy bags, wafers, barrier rings.YES
DansacUKOstomy bags, wafers, barrier rings, adhesive remover.
EakinNorthern IrelandBarrier rings, stoma paste, gelling sachets, adhesive remover, barrier wipesYES
EuroTecNetherlandsOstomy bags, wafers, adhesive remover, disposal bags, barrier rings, etc.YES
For LifeGermanyOstomy bags, wafers, barrier rings, stoma paste, stoma powder, etc.YES
Genairex / Securi-T USAUSAOstomy bags, wafers, adhesive removers, stoma powder, barrier rings, etc.YES
Hollister Inc.USA, Global officesOstomy bags, wafers, pouch deodorant, adhesive remover, barrier wipes, etc.YES, by location
Kem EnterprisesUSAOsto EZ-VentsYES
Marlen Manufacturing and Development Co.USAOstomy bags, wafers, barrier sheets, pouch deodorant, etc.YES
Na'ScentUSAPouch deodorantYES
Nu-Hope LabsUSAOstomy bags, wafers, barrier rings, etc.YES
OakMed Ltd.UKOstomy bags, wafers, stoma powder, adhesive removers, wafer extenders, etc.YES
Opus HealthcareUKOstomy deodorant, adhesive remover, stoma bridges.YES
Ostofresh (Triad Medical, LLCUSAPouch deodorantYES
Ostomy EssentialsCanadaPouch liners, barrier sheets, disposal bags, gelling products, etc.YES
Ostomy SuperSanUSAOstomy bags and wafersYES
Oxmed InternationalGermanyOstomy bags, wafers, barrier rings, stoma paste, gelling products, etc.
Peak Medical LtdUKOstomy bags, wafers, pouch deodorant, barrier rings, gelling products, wafer extenders, etc.YES
Pelican HealthcareUKOstomy bags, wafers, adhesive removers, barrier wipes, etc.YES
Perfect Choice Medical TechnologiesUSAOstomy bags, wafers, pouch deodorant, barrier rings, wafer extenders, etc.
Safe N Simple LLCUSAOstomy deodorant, barrier rings, barrier wipes, stoma paste, stoma powder, etc.YES
Salts HealthcareUKOstomy bags, wafers, pouch deodorant, adhesive remover, barrier wipes, wafer extenders, etc.YES
Schena Ostomy TechnologiesUSAOstomy bags, wafers.
Securi-T USAUSAOstomy bags, wafers, pouch deodorant, barrier wipes, etc.YES
Torbot Group Inc.USAOstomy bags, wafers, adhesives, reusable ostomy appliances, etc.
Trio Healthcare Ltd.UKSilicone barrier rings, wafer extenders, stoma gel, barrier products, adhesive remover, etc.YES
Welland MedicalUKOstomy bags, wafers, wafer extenders, barrier rings, adhesive removers, barrier products, etc.
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While I have done my best to make sure that this list is as complete as possible, I guarantee that I’ve missed some manufacturers. If you know of any that are not on the list, please bring it to my attention by CONTACTING ME.

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Hi my husband had an ostomy..i have no help for him…for I am on disability…the supplies he needs are very expensive . I really need help


Liberator Medical they deal with mastectomy supplies and they that I get from there and they also do with ostomy and urostomy supplies and colostomy supplies they will send out free supplies samples and then they will also they take Medicare and Medicaid

Justin Young

Thank you! This site really help me research products with my ostomy. Not just samples but a lot of good information from the sites posted.

Rose underwood

My husband has been hospitalized since January. Has an ileostomy. Out put varies , sometimes thick, sometimes thin. It seems that the Holister bags that are being used are too small and fill up with one bowel movement. Is there one manufacturer from the list that would offer a larger bag.

Hi Rose… I want to introduce myself to you. I am Linda, like your husband I spent a long time in hospital with bowel issues and when I got out, there was more surgery and more hospital time after that. I was in for a total of 13 1/2 months. I too had a lot of output for some time, always dehydrating… but I did find that after a while things settled down. I use the Hoslister bags and found out thru a sample that they also make a bag that has a charcoal filter vent in it, and I… Read more »
Your message brought tears to my eyes. You have been through a lot. Sorry to hear of your loss. After all that you have been through. I sometimes have thoughts of a similar thing happening to me once I get my husband home. I try not to, keep praying to god. You seem to be around the same age as I (58), maybe. My husband is still in the hospital. His journey began with an abdominal aortic aneurysm repair that has left him paralyzed from the waist down. I guess hind site the colostomy that he had from the surgery… Read more »
Hi Rose, Thank you fr responding to my lengthy note…letter…chapter…what ever. You too have been thru a lot, not just your husband. It is great that you have a daughter that wants to help you and be there for the two of you. I would say…take all the help you can get. I have no expeience with being paralized, but a friend recently had to have a leg amputated from the knee down and his struggles have been many. He also made a comment that he did not feel that he was getting the help he required while in hospital… Read more »
Hi Rose, Me again. I think I sent a partial letter your way and never got to finish it. Can you let me know if you got it and maybe send it back or whatever we do on computers to so I can finnish it for you. I will try here incase I did send it, it was by accident, I think my pup had something to do with that! I ended with I was deadly embarrased. Also the output would gather at the top of the bag and from there sneak under the piece that sticks to my tummy… Read more »

Hi Eric,

Thank you for your comment about my loss of my hubby.

Not too many people now a days are not affected by cancer one way or another.

Our family has had a lot of it, 11 last count I believe.

Anyways, are you able to send my email address privatly

to Rose for me?

I would like to share more with her personally but do not want to

be too public with my address.

Thank you for your consideration through this time.

Marla Parslow
Hey Eric, I just want to thank you for all your videos. I just had my surgery the 29th of August. My home care Ostomy nurse did not help me with anything. Your videos have helped me so much more emotionally than anything. I have horrible blisters around my stoma so watching your product reviews has helped me so I can try different products. Is it OK for me to contact these company’s for samples? I was sent home from hospital with Hollister supplies so that’s what I ordered . my insurance only pays for 10 wafers, 10 bags, and… Read more »
Linda Knelsen
Hi again Eric, I just had another 6 day hospital stay and they wanted to introduce a NG tube. At this particular hospital I turned it down flat as the nure there that last had the job of putting one in my gullet managed to shove it in so far that it zig zagged all the way down my thoat and hit corners in my stomach I did not know I had. It was when I could not swallow that the nurse who did the NG tube came in and took the kleenex box away from me and told me… Read more »

Hi, I just came across your list and wasn’t sure if you had addressed the ostomite without insurance. I know of a site in the u.s because I’ve used them for 7 years. Great people. As cheap as they can possibly send them. Anyway its ostogroup.com. They invaluable to me. Thankfully I once again have insurance.

cheryl vigil

thank you for the list! I saw two vendors I didn’t know about. I will be contacting them for samples tomorrow.

Jacqueline Doucet

I am overwhelmed with the suppliers questions. I answer all and it asked me to fill the blanks even when filled. Do I only ask Canada Suppliers since I’m in Canada. Thank you.

Linda Knelsen
Hi…I just saw your stomaversary video and loved it…I am an 8 year stomaversary in August this month, I have basically struggled all alone until I found your sight which was not hard to find, I was just too tired to think clearly enough to know what I needed At any rate, my biggest problem to date is even after putting on a new bag, during the night, there is leakage causing this acid type burn to my skin. It can be very painful and for that I find useing the powder from coloplast to be helpful as well as… Read more »

Thank you. I’ve just recently had a colostomy and a urostomy (Indiana pouch) so am getting used to everything and your site has been invaluable. This list is just one more great thing. I’ve ordered some free samples because I’m not overly happy with the products I’m currently using.
Thanks again.


By the way, Ostomy SuperSan’s pouch samples are “free” but you have to pay $19 in shipping.


This list is genius. Thank you!