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Finding the right ostomy products is crucial to being a successful ostomate. The best way to find the right product is to sample them, and while I’ve done my best to offer unbiased PRODUCT REVIEWS, there really is no substitution for try products out yourself.

Below, you’ll find a list of ostomy supply manufacturers from around the world. These companies offer everything from ostomy bags and wafers to adhesive removers and barrier rings.

I’ve indicated which companies explicitly offer free samples on their website, but you may need to contact their customer service directly to find out if they offer samples not listed on their website.

Some companies only offer products within their home country, while others ship internationally (usually through distributors or medical supply stores); it’s best to check with them to see where their products are available.

Ostomy Suppliers UPDATED Oct 15, 2017

CompanyLocationProducts offeredFree samples?
AllweCare MedicalNetherlandsOstomy bags, wafers.YES
B. BraunUSA, Global officesOstomy bags, wafersYES, Call
BagItAwayUSAOstomy disposal bagsYES
CliniMedUKOstomy bags, wafers, wafer extenders, stoma paste, adhesive removers, etc.YES
Colo-MagicCanadaPouch linersYES
Coloplast CorporationDenmark, Global officesOstomy bags, wafers, pouch deodorant, adhesive remover, barrier wipes, wafer extenders, etc.YES, by location
ConvaTec Inc.USA, Global officesOstomy bags, wafers, pouch deodorant, adhesive remover, barrier wipes, wafer extenders, etc.YES, by location
Cymed Ostomy Co.USAOstomy bags, wafers, barrier rings.YES
DansacUKOstomy bags, wafers, barrier rings, adhesive remover.
EakinNorthern IrelandBarrier rings, stoma paste, gelling sachets, adhesive remover, barrier wipesYES
For LifeGermanyOstomy bags, wafers, barrier rings, stoma paste, stoma powder, etc.YES
Genairex / Securi-T USAUSAOstomy bags, wafers, adhesive removers, stoma powder, barrier rings, etc.YES
Hollister Inc.USA, Global officesOstomy bags, wafers, pouch deodorant, adhesive remover, barrier wipes, etc.YES, by location
Kem EnterprisesUSAOsto EZ-VentsYES
Marlen Manufacturing and Development Co.USAOstomy bags, wafers, barrier sheets, pouch deodorant, etc.YES
Na'ScentUSAPouch deodorantYES
Nu-Hope LabsUSAOstomy bags, wafers, barrier rings, etc.YES
OakMed Ltd.UKOstomy bags, wafers, stoma powder, adhesive removers, wafer extenders, etc.YES
Opus HealthcareUKOstomy deodorant, adhesive remover, stoma bridges.YES
Ostofresh (Triad Medical, LLCUSAPouch deodorantYES
Ostomy EssentialsCanadaPouch liners, barrier sheets, disposal bags, gelling products, etc.YES
Ostomy SuperSanUSAOstomy bags and wafersYES
Oxmed InternationalGermanyOstomy bags, wafers, barrier rings, stoma paste, gelling products, etc.
Peak Medical LtdUKOstomy bags, wafers, pouch deodorant, barrier rings, gelling products, wafer extenders, etc.YES
Pelican HealthcareUKOstomy bags, wafers, adhesive removers, barrier wipes, etc.YES
Perfect Choice Medical TechnologiesUSAOstomy bags, wafers, pouch deodorant, barrier rings, wafer extenders, etc.
Safe N Simple LLCUSAOstomy deodorant, barrier rings, barrier wipes, stoma paste, stoma powder, etc.YES
Salts HealthcareUKOstomy bags, wafers, pouch deodorant, adhesive remover, barrier wipes, wafer extenders, etc.YES
Schena Ostomy TechnologiesUSAOstomy bags, wafers.
Securi-T USAUSAOstomy bags, wafers, pouch deodorant, barrier wipes, etc.YES
Torbot Group Inc.USAOstomy bags, wafers, adhesives, reusable ostomy appliances, etc.
Trio Healthcare Ltd.UKSilicone barrier rings, wafer extenders, stoma gel, barrier products, adhesive remover, etc.YES
Welland MedicalUKOstomy bags, wafers, wafer extenders, barrier rings, adhesive removers, barrier products, etc.
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While I have done my best to make sure that this list is as complete as possible, I guarantee that I’ve missed some manufacturers. If you know of any that are not on the list, please bring it to my attention by CONTACTING ME.

17 thoughts on “Ostomy Supply Manufacturers| Free Samples

  1. Hey Eric,
    I just want to thank you for all your videos.
    I just had my surgery the 29th of August. My home care Ostomy nurse did not help me with anything. Your videos have helped me so much more emotionally than anything.
    I have horrible blisters around my stoma so watching your product reviews has helped me so I can try different products. Is it OK for me to contact these company’s for samples?
    I was sent home from hospital with Hollister supplies so that’s what I ordered . my insurance only pays for 10 wafers, 10 bags, and 4 barrier rings.
    I found a company where I can order stuff at a pretty reasonable price so that helps for me to have the proper amount of supplies I need. Again I want to thank you so much for all help.
    Marla Parslow

    • Hi Marla,

      Yes, I put together this list so that other patients can find companies to contact – and most of the companies on this list are more than happy to send samples or help answer questions about care!

      Take care,


  2. Hi again Eric,

    I just had another 6 day hospital stay and they wanted to introduce a NG tube. At this particular hospital I turned it down flat as the nure there that last had the job of putting one in my gullet managed to shove it in so far that it zig zagged all the way down my thoat and hit corners in my stomach I did not know I had. It was when I could not swallow that the nurse who did the NG tube came in and took the kleenex box away from me and told me to grow up and just swallow. The problem was I really could not swallow. I ended up about two days later being transferred to another Hospital and then while I waited for tests and a bed to sleep in, a male nurse took my notes and said to me that I looked extremely uncomfortable. They had given me kleenix so I no longer felt like I was going to drown in my own spit. The thing is, the whole time I was being questioned, I was in tears and had my head lowered. It was then that this lovely specimen of a male nurse took one look at me and said what I had wanted to say with a few exclamation marks. He noticed immediately that the NG was in way too far then it really should have been. He made the choice to remove it after he looked in my throat and saw that it was swelling and vey red, causing me to cough and gag. I had had several, at least 11 other NG’s before and never had they ever felt like this one. Once he removed the tube, which hurt like… well you know….I coughed and gagged and then threw up a ton of crap and vomit. The tube had been kinked in such a way that it was blocking the tube itself from doing the job it was to do.

    I will never forget the kindness of this nurse and the action he took that day. He had washed out most of the tube and gave it to me in a hazardous material bag and said that if it were him he would sue the life out of the nurse who put it in. I had to drink a bucket load of water to get it in and she had also miss directed the tube to the point that it actually was inserted into my nasal passages, leaving me with faicial bruising two days later. The gastro guy was appaled and also encouraged me to sue. Tho the money would have been nice in the end, I had no energy for a court battle even with such definative evidence and those to help support my cause. I chose not to sue. For one, people make mistakes and tho I did not like this particular nurse anymore, I also vowed that no one would ever stuff and NG in my face again unless I was alseep. I did think for a very long time about sueing, and kept the evidence kinks and all every two to three inches, in my freezer in a disguised meat package. After a lot of thought and prayer I had decided I just could not sue an individual, but somehow a corporation would make more sence. I also had no idea where to start. Would I be black balled from all hospitals if this hit the news and it likely would have? Would it go on for years? It was only the start of the beginniing of a horrible three years of my life. I vomited bucket loads from blockages and pain beyond what I could deal with at times, and nurses who thought that my normally low BP was too low that they would with hold pain killers of the narcotic type. Again leaving me in unesccesary pain.

    Another thing about that stay was I wanted desperatley to hug the nurse that removed that painful tube. Never got the chance. I was just too out of it and so badly malnourished that I could not even put my thoughts together. But I did thank him so much in emerge that day. I want everyone to know that what happened to me was something I have never heard of or heard of since that experience. Most NG tubes other then going in are not nice, they do not end up in your throat or sinuses the way this particular nurse had placed it. She had put approx. 18 inches too much in my gut and it hurt like crazy. Her ignorance is rare thank God! Please do not expect them to be as bad for you as it was for me. They are made to stop the puking and to remove excess fluid from your gut so your bowels can rest. Once in I never found them more then feeling like I had an elephant nose then anything else. If you feel build up of fluid around your nose, ask for Q-tips to help clean it out so you can breath easy again.
    I prefer to do that with the curtains closed to not make others feel grossed out.

    Have you ever had a tube gone wrong? Have you ever had one installed while awake?
    Does Hollister sell the bag covers? Stoma Gaurds? I can not seem to locate them in Canada. Do you have compare a nasty bag situation to food…Lol? Pancaking…can;t eat them since.

    I appreciate your time and energy into this site, it is very helpful and encouraging. Thank you Eric for doing this.


    • Hi Linda,

      My goddness! NG tubes are terrible, but what you went through sounds like a nightmare. I’m glad that you had a compassionate nurse in the end. I can’t imagine going through that.

      I only had one NG tube and was quite unpleasant – gagging and dry heaving for days… I hope to never go through anything like that again and hope you don’t either!

      Please feel free to ask questions about products or my experiences on the community forums so that others can read and participate : https://www.veganostomy.ca/community/



  3. Hi, I just came across your list and wasn’t sure if you had addressed the ostomite without insurance. I know of a site in the u.s because I’ve used them for 7 years. Great people. As cheap as they can possibly send them. Anyway its ostogroup.com. They invaluable to me. Thankfully I once again have insurance.

  4. I am overwhelmed with the suppliers questions. I answer all and it asked me to fill the blanks even when filled. Do I only ask Canada Suppliers since I’m in Canada. Thank you.

    • Hey Jacqueline, it certainly can be overwhelming.

      Depending on your insurance, you may only be able to get reimbursement for products ordered within Canada, so I’d start with Canadian suppliers/manufacturers.

      For the ostomy bag manufacturers like Coloplast, Hollister, ConvaTec or B. Braun, they’ll have Canadian offices you can contact and their products would be sold by Canadian suppliers.

      I hope that helps.

  5. Hi…I just saw your stomaversary video and loved it…I am an 8 year stomaversary in August this month, I have basically struggled all alone until I found your sight which was not hard to find, I was just too tired to think clearly enough to know what I needed At any rate, my biggest problem to date is even after putting on a new bag, during the night, there is leakage causing this acid type burn to my skin. It can be very painful and for that I find useing the powder from coloplast to be helpful as well as changing the bag frequently during the burn stage. I so wish I had thought to find sight like yours years back as it would have gone miles for me. I try as many samples as I can and presently use the Hollister bag with filter for gas to ecape. I love the bag but get annoyed with the stoma farting and not excusing herself…her name is rose…because having one really is a beautiful thing! Other days or night she is Mt. Visueveous…get out of her way during a bag change if I do not get some TP on her quick enough. If something gets on my clothing I have found useing something as simple as Spray Kleen found in a grocery store to take the stains all the way out. I carry an emergency back pack with me, just a small one that has all I need for a bag change and skin protecting time…this is where samples come in handy also. I tend not to buy the bags for disposing of the used bag, but rather use dog poo bags to toss the used into. They are cheaper The other thing I do is I always carry a change of clothes along, similar to what I am wearing when I leave the house. Comfort being the issue….what do I do to protect my stoma (rose) from the car seat belt? I have thought about useing a U shaped cushion, homemade pillow , maybe even a stuffed sock to place around the stoma to protect her during an emergency should there be one. Wearing something arond my stoma while in the car would be great but has to allow for good flow also. I only know one other person with a stoma, and do wish I could sit and have a great big heart to heart about this wonderfull thing we have. I feel that there are times that my stoma gets mouthy and farts often and loudly embarassing the living daylights out of this almost 60 year old lady here. Farting was something my husband was so proud of before he died at 49 and now, I can see where it made him laugh, but for me, I could just about die. Is there a way to quiet the gurl…Rose that is? If she has to frt she has to fart, but what cn make her settle down some? I know that certain foods cause lots of gas for me such as spinach, even in my smoothies where the blender has already done the work of mulching things to death. I feel that potatoe chips work awesome when I feel dehydrated and worn down and runny…, what is it about them, can you tell me? As an ostimate, I often find that I m hungry all the time and regularly pass meals withing two hours of having one. Is this normal? I chew my foods very well but often a small piece is identifiable in the bag. Another thing I would love to know is that recently my stoma has been bleeding to some degree. At times it looks like a small head to the top of a sewing pin size hole and others just like a perferated bag. I see my GP about this tomorrow, because of the bleeding concern. I however did not know also…that we could still get bowel blockages with so little intestine remaining. I had surprise hospital stay becuse of this over the Aug. long weekend. All my large was removed in 96 with a J pouch implanted, then in 2009 five weeks before my hubby died from pancreatic cancer, I had to have the ileostomy installed. It was so odd. I had hung onto life to two and a half years, lost more then half my body weight, had 9 operations mostly all emergency and also had to have one surgery where the incision was left open to heal from the inside out with a Vacu pac attached to remove infection. Calcu.ating a total of 13 1/2 months in two different hospitals, 6 1/2 each in Penticton and then transferred to St.Pauls in Vancouver. Sometimes I can not figure out why I lived and my husband had to die when I would have gone willingly during some of the things I endured.
    At any rate, your ight is very informtive and I will vote for you if it is not too late. Good Luck and thnk you for the info. It is so helpful to hear someone talk about what we deal with and even about our poop!

  6. Thank you. I’ve just recently had a colostomy and a urostomy (Indiana pouch) so am getting used to everything and your site has been invaluable. This list is just one more great thing. I’ve ordered some free samples because I’m not overly happy with the products I’m currently using.
    Thanks again.

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