Resources to help you out!

Looking for more info? Here are some places to start.

Looking for vegan ostomy products?

Search through my database of ostomy supplies to see whether they contain animal ingredients or not.

Ostomy Product Manufacturers | Free Samples

Looking for free ostomy supply samples? Here’s a sortable list of companies who manufacturer everything from pouches to pouch deodorants!

Ostomy and IBD related websites

From blogs to charities, here are some of my favorite sites and YouTube channels!

Ostomy Clothing Suppliers

Looking for an ostomy wrap? Lingerie made specifically for ostomates? Or perhaps a new pouch cover? Here’s a sortable database of companies who make and supply them!

What to do With Unused Ostomy Supplies?

If you have extra, unused ostomy supplies, here are some things you can do with them (that’s better than throwing them out!).

Vegan related websites

Whether you’re looking for recipes or informational resources, here are some of my favorite vegan websites.