Diet and Nutrition

IBD and ostomy diet and nutrition

On this page, you’ll find articles related to diet and nutrition.  I’ve placed a special focus on information specific to ostomates and people with IBD, but many posts will be relevant to anyone.

For a list of all articles related to diet click HERE.

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I have a rather new Ileostomy. You keep using OSTOMY and I am not sure they are the same. I eat chicken and salmon and Tuna I am not sure what veggies I can eat. I have been eating green beans in the steamers packages. I tried broccoli and it did not work out so well and I am not sure about eating salad as my portions need to be small. How can I add veggies back as it has just been 5 months and I still have issues with what I eat.
I take 1TBS of Metamucil twice a day for a thickener. Pretzels and marshmallows, too. Any advice?
I will probably never go totally Vegan.