Diet and Nutrition

IBD and ostomy diet and nutrition

On this page, you’ll find articles related to diet and nutrition.  I’ve placed a special focus on information specific to ostomates and people with IBD, but many posts will be relevant to anyone.

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3 years ago

I have a rather new Ileostomy. You keep using OSTOMY and I am not sure they are the same. I eat chicken and salmon and Tuna I am not sure what veggies I can eat. I have been eating green beans in the steamers packages. I tried broccoli and it did not work out so well and I am not sure about eating salad as my portions need to be small. How can I add veggies back as it has just been 5 months and I still have issues with what I eat.
I take 1TBS of Metamucil twice a day for a thickener. Pretzels and marshmallows, too. Any advice?
I will probably never go totally Vegan.

grace Fass
1 year ago
Reply to  Susan

dear Susan , Eric, and all my fellow ostomyits. Once after a year or more in getting my disc, pouch(large) and leaks in pretty good control, it is as you discuss my food. Canned green beans , soft cooked carrots, cooked beets, peeled tomatoes, (hold in boiling water with utensil ) skin easily pulled off)) cucumbers peeled and de-seeded. Any anf all vegetables must be cooked to very soft and all chewed well. Tomato juice is loaded with potassium. as are baked or mashed potatoes. I can not personally eat beef, lamb, pork, or meat in any form. Tofu can be used as egg salad, good UTube recepies . Made just like egg salad. I too eat fish, tuna, (canned and fresh poached) I could not believe this, but a frozen dinner with corn kernals did well . I just chew very well.
I too must keep my meal smallish. I now also am making smoothies, (milk, yogurt, fresh or frozen fruits. YUMMY ! So for now, my biggest issue is food. I must buy more pretzels and marshmellows. I dream of “juicy” steaks and chops but gone for me. I also juice. Carrots, beets, with an apple. I have been slowly learning what foods I can tolerate. As with you, experimentation has helped me.