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IBD and ostomy diet and nutrition

On this page, you’ll find articles related to diet and nutrition.  I’ve placed a special focus on information specific to ostomates and people with IBD, but many posts will be relevant to anyone.

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5 thoughts on “Diet and Nutrition”

  1. I’m now eight months post-ileostomy and so far my system seems to have adapted well as I’m able to eat things like tomatoes (with skins), peppers (again with skins) and high fibre cereal, without any difficulty and only leaving a few traces in my bag. I am wary though of taking the next step, which for me would be beans, so that I can again make my favourite 3-bean chilli! I worry about blockages. I’ve ended up in hospital before with a bowel obstruction – admittedly ten years ago when I had half a colon – but I don’t want a repeat of that experience. How do I know if I’m ready to give beans and other similar foods a try? My diet before the ileostomy was a far cry from what I was required to eat afterwards, and as food is such an important issue for me I would really like to get back to as near as possible how I was able to eat before. Is that a realistic aim do you think? Or will there always be foods that I should avoid?
    Thank you!

    • I’m so happy to hear that you are taking things slowly and in stages! That’s the best way to do it.

      For beans, I would suggest starting with an easier to digest bean (like kidney beans) and have the canned version in smaller quantities until you know how it affects you. From there, you could increase the quantity, try another type of bean, or slowly move into cooked beans.

      Good luck!

  2. I have a rather new Ileostomy. You keep using OSTOMY and I am not sure they are the same. I eat chicken and salmon and Tuna I am not sure what veggies I can eat. I have been eating green beans in the steamers packages. I tried broccoli and it did not work out so well and I am not sure about eating salad as my portions need to be small. How can I add veggies back as it has just been 5 months and I still have issues with what I eat.
    I take 1TBS of Metamucil twice a day for a thickener. Pretzels and marshmallows, too. Any advice?
    I will probably never go totally Vegan.

    • dear Susan , Eric, and all my fellow ostomyits. Once after a year or more in getting my disc, pouch(large) and leaks in pretty good control, it is as you discuss my food. Canned green beans , soft cooked carrots, cooked beets, peeled tomatoes, (hold in boiling water with utensil ) skin easily pulled off)) cucumbers peeled and de-seeded. Any anf all vegetables must be cooked to very soft and all chewed well. Tomato juice is loaded with potassium. as are baked or mashed potatoes. I can not personally eat beef, lamb, pork, or meat in any form. Tofu can be used as egg salad, good UTube recepies . Made just like egg salad. I too eat fish, tuna, (canned and fresh poached) I could not believe this, but a frozen dinner with corn kernals did well . I just chew very well.
      I too must keep my meal smallish. I now also am making smoothies, (milk, yogurt, fresh or frozen fruits. YUMMY ! So for now, my biggest issue is food. I must buy more pretzels and marshmellows. I dream of “juicy” steaks and chops but gone for me. I also juice. Carrots, beets, with an apple. I have been slowly learning what foods I can tolerate. As with you, experimentation has helped me.


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