Sophie of I Am Denim: Interview

Sophie is an ileostomate and Founder of I Am Denim! Her company is the first clothing brand in the world to create inclusive, revolutionary denim jeans for after abdominal surgery, specifically catering to the needs of ostomates.

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Talking About My Ostomy: WCET 2016 Presentation (w/video)

WCET 2016 presentation header

Here is the presentation I gave at the B. Braun breakfast symposium during the WCET conference on March 15, 2016.

I spoke in front of over 150 people (mostly stoma nurses!) about the various phases I went through from diagnosis to recovery. It was so awesome to be up there, and the feedback I’ve received has been so positive.

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Russell Elleven: Interview

Russell interview

I’m so happy to be bringing you this interview with Rev. Russell Elleven, DMin, BCC, CWP, “The Minister of Health”.  I was contact by Russell very soon after I started my blog when he saw me mentioned on the website back in October of 2013.  Since then, I’ve been a fan of Russell and love his health-oriented tweets.  

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