Hollister ostomy pouches: Clear vs. Ultra-clear (w/ video)

It seems rather silly that I even have to make a post about this, but unfortunately the information on the Hollister website isn’t very clear (no pun intended).

When I was looking at some of their ostomy pouching options on a supplier’s website, I came across one that listed “clear” and another that said “ultra-clear”.

Hmm, I wonder what the difference is… so onto hollister.com, where I downloaded a printable catalog and also searched for product through their website, and I became more confused.

To be clear (no pun intended), Hollister lists one pouch as “transparent” and another as “ultra-clear”. They give definitions for each:

Transparent: “For the wearer who wishes to wear a pouch with the contents being visible.”

Ultra-Clear: “Allows easy visualization of the stoma through the pouch film…”

Is that clear enough? (no pun intended)

Here’s a photo of all three styles they offer (transparent, ultra-clear and beige):

Hollister ultra clear_transparent_beige pouches front
Left: Ultra-Clear #18003 Center: Transparent #18193 Right: Beige #18183
Hollister ultra clear_transparent_beige pouches back
Left: Ultra-Clear #18003 Center: Transparent #18193 Right: Beige #18183

To be honest, there isn’t much difference in the transparency between the two “clear” pouches.  

I can put fine-print text behind either of the see-through pouches and the text is legible, so I’m not sure why they’d even need both types.  

The ultra-clear pouches do NOT have a filter on them, but you can get the transparent pouch with and without filters (#18103 (no filter) and #18193)

And here’s a quick video:

Hollister Ostomy Pouch - transparent vs. ultra-clear vs. beige

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Hope that helps!

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2 years ago

There is a big difference between transparent and ultra-clear. I was sent some samples from Hollister and the transparent is quite a bit thicker material than the ultra-clear – shockingly so. I have used the transparent for 6 years now and just today put on the ultra-clear sample. The transparent is a thicker, almost industrialize type vinyl. The ultra-clear feels like a zip-loc sandwich bag type material and is extremely “clearer” than the transparent. It is so thin that I am concerned about its strength and longevity, but I will see how long it lasts and how durable it is.

By the way, there is also a difference in material thickness between the transparent non-filter and transparent with filter. The filtered is thinner and more comfortable than the non-filter, though I find the drawback to the filtered ones being odor tends to leach through the thinner material.

Just my observations.

3 years ago

As a Newbie.. I was over whelmed with products. Names, used?  Crazy. I took a Xanax and calmed down. Kidding. Through this site, and Eric, Front Butt,  I felt more comfortable in my decisions. Thanks to all of you. Slot of knowledge here. 

3 years ago

Thanks for posting this. The information is very helpful. I guess there are so many different options because people have so many differences in what they need. The person I am buying the pouches for is very particular – needs to be clear and without a filter, etc.