Cymed 1pc Drainable Appliance w/ MicroSkin : REVIEW (w/ video)

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I previously reviewed a two-piece ostomy appliance by Cymed in which I gave it a less than stellar rating.  Since then you guys have been asking me to review the one-piece, so here it is!

Cymed was kind enough to send me the samples I used in this review.

To be honest, I would have purchased these anyway to try, but my supplier didn’t have the specific one’s that I felt would work best for me.


Cymed 1pc Drainable Ostomy Bag: REVIEW
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About the Cymed 2pc Drainable System

Products I’ve used for this review:

Product name: 1pc Cut-To-Fit drainable pouch with “Press ‘n Seal” closure and filter; opaque.
Manufacturer: Cymed
Product #: 78400V
Dimensions: 11″ Pouch
Quantity per box: 10

Product name: 1pc Cut-To-Fit drainable pouch with “Press ‘n Seal” closure and filter; opaque.
Manufacturer: Cymed
Product #: 81400V
Dimensions: 11″ Pouch
Quantity per box: 10

Manufactured by a small company out of Sacramento, California, this one-piece features the same MicroSkin wafer as the two-piece I reviewed.

As with their two-piece system, Cymed offers this one-piece in a variety of options: with and without filters; with thin or thick “washers” (the part that goes around your stoma); a clip closure, drainable spout for urostomates, or their “Press ‘N Seal” option (which is similar to Velcro); cut-to-fit or pre-cut openings; as well as clear and opaque bags.

I’m glad that they offer so many options, as it’s often hard to find a single appliance that works perfectly for everyone.

One point I’d like to make about the “washers” is that most urostomates and ileostomates should opt for the thick washer, while colostomates should go with the thin one. The thicker washers help to keep liquid output off your skin, but I did find that both work well for me.

The washers swell up nicely and hug the stoma better than most other brands; I found the wafer holds up at least 3-4 days, although I could probably go longer if the hair on my abdomen didn’t grow so fast.

I will note that while convex wafers are not listed in their product catalogue, Cymed claims that convexity isn’t needed with their products:

Yes, but we recommend plain MicroSkin skin barrier without a hydrocolloid washer/ring be used with flush/recessed stomas. When putting on the pouch, press down firmly on the plain barrier around the stoma area to ensure no tiny air gaps remain that can lead to leakage after. Solid adhesion is crucial…

I’m not sure I believe that, as convex wafers apply pressure around to the skin to help push out a flush or slightly retracted stoma.

If you’ve used a convex product in the past and have switched to Cymed wafers without trouble, please let me know in the comment section.

The Wafer

Cymed’s MicroSkin wafer is unlike anything else that most ostomates are used to seeing, and it’s Cymed’s claim to fame for several good reasons.

MicoSkin is essentially a clear, flexible film. If you’ve ever used 3M Tegaderm or Opsite Flexifix, then you’ll already know what MicroSkin looks and feels like.

There are several advantages that MicroSkin has over traditional wafers:

  • It’s much thinner.
  • It’s more flexible, which helps to conform to various stomach shapes and sizes.
  • It’s more comfortable than most wafers.
  • It doesn’t get wet (or stay wet).
  • It won’t cut your skin like some semi-rigid wafers can.

So what do you lose? Not much, but MicoSkin is more difficult to apply than other wafers. Some people may find this extremely frustrating, while others may find a technique that works for them.

Applying this one-piece is similar to applying the Cymed two-piece, minus having to worry about the adhesive coupling.

As with the two-piece MicroSkin wafer, there are no lines on the back of the one to help with measuring and cutting the hole for your stoma. There is a cutting guide included in the package, but it would nice to be able to cut a specific size without the need for the separate paper guide.

Cymed 1pc 81400v no cutting guide
I had to trace that blue circle because there are no cutting lines on this wafer.

Before using this appliance, there are a series of paper liners that need to be removed first to expose the adhesive on the back of the MicroSkin wafer. You then carefully apply it to your skin while making sure that there are no wrinkles, which is often easier said than done!

While I did not manage to get a perfectly smooth application every time I changed my appliance,  I found that as long as the seal around my stoma was good the rest was just a matter of aesthetics.

cymed onepiece on skin
It’s not perfectly smooth, but it’ll hold.

Because the MicroSkin wafer has no fabric on it, it dries very quickly after getting out of the shower and it also holds up really well after being exposed to water (no peeling).  It’s no wonder that ostomates who do water activities like this system.

Saying this appliance is comfortable to wear wouldn’t do it any justice – it’s really comfortable – and thin!! With an empty pouch, this appliance is only a few millimeters thick, but it does expand just like any other appliance.

Cymed 1pc really thin
You can’t get much thinner than this!

That said, this product would be ideal for people who need to bend and twist a lot since the MicroSkin moves with them.

The Pouch

Most of the things I don’t like about this appliance come from the pouch.  That’s not to say that it’s a terrible pouch, or that it’s not functional, but there are a few things that bother me about it.

For starters, Cymed uses a thin, cheap fabric on their opaque pouches. While I never thought that pouch fabric could get worse than what Hollister uses on their Premier one-piece or New Image bags, they certainly do get worse with these bags.

Not only is the fabric nearly see-through, but it also doesn’t hold up well with use, fraying and falling apart after just a few days.

And unlike the MicroSkin wafers, which dry quickly, the fabric absorbs water and takes some time to dry.

There’s an inspection window on the opaque bags, which allows you to inspect your stoma and make sure that you’ve applied the wafer correctly. Kudos to Cymed for that!

Cymed 1pc inspection window
The inspection window is a nice touch.

The filters, while they’ve never leaked on me like ConvaTec Natura bags have, weren’t as effective as I’d been hoping.

I would get about one or two days before balloning became an issue. Because this is a one-piece system, you can’t easily “burp” this bag when it gets full of gas.

The closure on the bottom of the bag is good, but not great. It uses a system very similar to Velcro, but unique in a few ways:

  • There is no “hook and fuzz” system, as you would find on the Coloplast line of drainable bags.
  • There is no fabric on the tail-end, so it’s easy to clean.

Upon close inspection, the closure looks most similar to the Hollister New Image bags – tiny dots that interlock within each other.

Cymed 1pc press n seal closure
These little dots interlock to seal the outlet.

The fasteners are wider than Hollister’s, which make them a little easier to secure with gentle pressure. The tail of the bag also rolls up and is secured by another set of these fasteners a few inches from the bottom of the bag.

The outlet’s tail is transparent and can be tucked under the fabric of the opaque bags.  Unfortunately, this isn’t good enough to prevent the world from seeing what’s in your bag despite being tucked in.  This isn’t normally a problem with other brands like

This isn’t normally a problem with other brands like Coloplast’s Sensura Mio, but the way that the Cymed outlet closes leaves a lot of your output exposed.

Cymed 1pc pouch after shower
After a shower. Wet or dry, you can still see what’s in the bag!

To add insult to injury, as the cheap pouch fabric stretches and/or falls apart, it can’t keep the outlet tucked in anymore so it just dangles.

Now, while having a transparent outlet makes it easier to clean when you’re emptying it, this problem forces me to wear pouch covers while wearing this bag.

And speaking of cleaning the outlet, like the two-piece, I found the outlet to be awkward to keep open and wipe clean because one side uses thin plastic while the other side is stiffer.

Compared to the Two-Piece

While there are similarities between the one and two-piece systems, this one-piece performed much better for me.

I experienced no leaks of any kind during the several weeks I was testing these bags, and they are easier to put on because there’s no adhesive coupling to worry about.

Curiously, I still experienced some irritation were the “washer” meets the MicroSkin, although my skin overall really likes this appliance.


At the time of this writing, the Cymed 1pc drainable bags retails for approx. CDN$110 – $130 for a box of 10. This is about double the price of other one-piece systems, but it’s possible that prices in the US are cheaper than they are in Canada.

Cymed does offer free samples, which I would recommend to anyone before buying a box of these.

Unfortunately, it looks like these products are only sold in North America, which I’m not surprised about considering the high costs.


  • As thin as you can get.
  • MiroSkin is very comfortable.
  • The bag closure is easy to use.
  • Made without animal ingredients.
  • The hydrocolloid “washer” is available in several thicknesses to accommodate different types of ostomies.
  • Stoma measuring guide (paper) is included in the box.
  • MicroSkin works well during water activities (showers, swimming, etc.)
  • Minimal erosion of the hydrocolloid washer, even after 4 days of wear.
  • The filter doesn’t leak.
  • Has an inspection window.


  • Applying this product can be difficult.
  • The fabric used on the bags is too thin to be considered opaque.
  • Some may find the outlet difficult to clean.
  • Can’t easily “burp” this appliance.
  • Expensive.
  • Only available in North America.
  • No cutting lines on the wafer (for cut-to-fit).

Hard to Recommended, but…

This one-piece appliance is definitely a step up from the two-piece. While cost may be a factor for some, the comfort and long wear times may be worth it for people who are patient enough to apply the MicroSkin wafer.

If you’re looking for an appliance that effectively hides the contents of your bag, you’ll likely be quite disappointed with this one.

Swimmers and other active ostomates may want to give these a try if their current appliance restricts their range of motion.

For more information, please visit the Cymed Ostomy Co. website at

Question: What has your experience been like with this appliance?

20 thoughts on “Cymed 1pc Drainable Appliance w/ MicroSkin : REVIEW (w/ video)”

  1. it seems Cymed has again made a surprise change to design and manufacturing of the MicroSkin one piece drainable Ileostomy pouches, ugh.
    They’ve taken a very reliable, comfortable, and quiet pouch and made it “cheap." That’s the best word I could use to define this. They’ve gone from the smooth, relatively quiet pouch plastic to what now sounds like used candy wrappers in your pocket. Very surprising.
    To make things worse, the alleged 11″ pouches are now more like 9″ (same Mfg part number) and the end of the pouch that used to be easily inverted to drain then squeegee and roll up for the tie-wrap type of closure has been shortened by over an inch! Now its almost impossible to drain without a mess, and can only roll the closure twice else you’re already encroaching on the pouch. Truly bizarre what they did. They should have stuck with the original, and just created a new Mfg part number for this newer design.
    Now when I sit in a movie, any movement and the person next to me keeps looking to see if I’m opening candy bars. Embarassing.
    The search is on now to find something else. 2-25-2018

    • My goodness! Can you tell me which part numbers you’re noticing these changes on and when approximately you noticed them? If they have changed things, I may need to revise my review(s) of their products.

    • I totally agree, that what one was an amazing, comfortable and easy to use product is now rendered useless- by the issues mentioned by Ken. I can’t understand how the company can accept a “new" design from their manufacturer , before sending proptotypes out to the end users for comments.
      it is unfortunate, because they did have a great product!
      Now the search to find something else- which for some reason is not easy- for the most part the designers of these devices think the end user needs a way more intense device than most active and busy people don’t!

      • Hi Paulette.

        I ended up switching to Convatec Active Life appliances. Seems they actually now have the plastic that the original Cymed used so its not plastic-y at all. Their discs no longer have missing adhesive sections (like they used to… I’d find 50% out of the box where the discs were bad and missing glue) and I’m getting a solid 3 days with each. I got the pre cut 12” which is pretty close to 11” usable pouch.
        Still a shame with Cymed. But this Convactec seems to be the next best thing to wear:


        [ ]

        ConvaTec ActiveLife One-Piece Pre-Cut Opaque Drainable Pouch With Stomahesive Skin Barrier

        • Hi Paulette and Ken, Eric,.  Thanks for the heads up–  Shame your stuck with two  months worth of crap- This is why I just order monthly–But the convaTec products has made me happy ever lasting and hope they never change!! I almost ordered the Cymed to try..I will stay clear from them. 

        • Glad you found this helpful. Yes I’d avoid cymeds at this point. Yes convatec active life seem better.

          Product Code

          Product Name


          [ ]

          ConvaTec ActiveLife One-Piece Pre-Cut Opaque Drainable Pouch With Stomahesive Skin Barrier

  2. I absolutely love cymed products! ! I have two ostomies so it has been a challenge to find two bags that work well with my body. I have had my stomas for about 49 yrs, since I was 1 or 2. So I have literally tried so many different bags through the yrs. When Cymed introduced their bags I was at my wits end and decided to try them. Wow was all I can say. First time in my life I no longer needed a belt. The micro skin wafer conforming to my skin and the several hernias surrounding the stomas was amazing. With the skin tac and zinc tape, I had no leakage and was able to keep both bags on for several days. Try them is all I can tell you. And thank you cymed for making a bag that is comfortable and easy to apply.

    • That’s fantastic! Thank you for sharing your feedback!

      There are a lot of things going for this appliance. Unfortunately, many of the things I don’t like are dealbreakers for me (including the cost).

  3. Filter?
    Hi, I got a sample of this pouch from Cymed and I wonder about the filter. Do you have to do anything to it, like poke a hole to allow the gas to escape? I’ve never had a pouch with a filter.

    • You don’t have to prep the filter in any way, they should just allow the gas to escape on their own.

      Keep in mind that as the filter clogs it becomes less effective and there’s not much you can do to recover it other than change the appliance. They tend to work better for colostomates than ileostomates.

      Good luck!

    • We used this product for my son years ago before they changed the manufacturing on the “fabric" of the pouch. The current product tends to rip and tear near the valve on the urostomy bag. We started using this product and loved it because of the microskin. My son was a toddler and very very active and needed an adult sized bag for his ileostomy. Yes I know I said we use the urostomy bag and we do because of the venting we needed to perform as he has daily/hourly gas issues that blow up the bag….thus the adult size bag as he would just blow the pedi sizes right off every time. Anyway we had to stop because the new fabric consistently leaked and wouldn’t hold up to the use we made of the value apparatus. The other issue we had with the microskin is that sweating or swimming would make it come loose so we actually couldn’t use it during the summer when we needed the swimming help. Before the manufacturing changes we loved this product. Now it no longer meets our needs.

      • Hi, Kymberly. Thanks for sharing your story!

        I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had to go through all that with your son. I can’t imagine being forced to change appliance because of a manufacturing change.

        When did you notice this new fabric? What are you using now?

        • It was several years ago…. we got the ileostomy in 2007 so I would say about 2011 or so… and it was immediately noticeable because the whole bag felt different and then the leaks would come within hours of putting on a new bag. We now use a Hollister product that has a cap on a twist valve for ease in venting (because we do so much of it) along with the new Osto EZ vent

        • When Charlie first got his ostomy, we could not keep a bag on for more than 3 hours and it took me some time to find a good fit for us. We really liked the cymed for a long time. I talked to the head of the company when they changed over and basically they couldn’t /wouldn’t fix the problem.

        • So glad that you found something that works! They made that change before I got my ostomy, so I wouldn’t have noticed any difference with the product – but it’s really unfortunate that such a drastic change was made on their end.

    • I was searching for a new pouch filtering system to hopefully find one that works. I saw that Cymed’s pouches come with a Gortex filter which caught my attention, so I ordered samples. I slept 7 hours straight on night one without ballooning. That was a pleasant surprise. I will see what happens going forward. I agree with your evaluation that the attachment process is cumbersome the first time through. Number two should be easier now that I know how to deal with the removal of the papers, and the attachment routine.  Emptying was cumbersome also. Ill crease the spout ahead next time, which is what I do with other pouches anyway.  


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