I’m pretty happy with the way the skin around my stoma looks, but I’ve had my fair share of challenges with my skin, especially as I was learning to  adjust post-surgery.  One particular problem I had a hard time dealing with, was when my ostomy wafer would cut into my skin. Putting tape over my wafer didn’t help, and trying to treat the cuts was difficult, since cutting the wafer short would cause other problems.

I found a solution that works perfectly for me, and only requires a few extra minutes per wafer change.

You will need to get some 3M Tegaderm, Opsite Flexifix or something similar. These tapes,which are more like film, are super thin and flexible.

Opsite Flexifix

Opsite Flexifix (Smith & Nephew #66000040) or 3M Tegaderm will work

Here’s how I protect my skin when using sharp-edged wafers :

1. Prepare your skin by cleaning and making sure that it’s dry.

2. Cut a strip of tape long enough to cover the bottom of the wafer.

Ostomy Skin fix: area to cover on wafer (front view)

Cut the film wide enough to cover the area you want to protect from the wafer’s edge.

Ostomy Skin fix : area to cover on wafer (back view)

Cut the film wide enough to cover the area you want to protect from the wafer’s edge.

3. At this point, if you need to put on a barrier ring, stoma powder or barrier wipe , do it now.

4. Remove one section of the release liner (usually a paper liner ).

5. Position the tape into your skin and remove the rest of the paper liner, making sure the film goes on your skin without any bubbles, creases or kinks.

Applying flexifix to skin

Applying flexifix to skin

remove the rest of the flexifix release liner

Remove the rest of the flexifix release liner

smooth out flexifix

Smooth out the film.

6. Remove the clear liner and smooth out the tape.

remove the top liner from Flexifix

Remove the top liner from the Flexifix film.

smooth out flexifix

Make sure to smooth out the film so there are no creases, bubbles or kinks. If there are, you may want to re-apply the film or start over.

7. Apply your wafer and attach a pouch if you’re using a 2-piece system.

Apply ostomy wafer to skin

Apply your ostomy wafer as usual.

Final results with ostomy bag attached

If using a two-piece appliance, attach your bag. Profit!

You’re done!

This should keep the wafers edge from cutting into your skin, and it shouldn’t reduce wear time.

Remove your wafer the way you normally would, and the film will likely come off together; if it doesn’t, it’s gentle enough on the skin to remove without much effort (but keep some adhesive removers, just in case).

QUESTION : Has your wafer ever cut into your skin?