Hollister Premier 1pc Ostomy Appliance: REVIEW (w/ video)

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While I’m a fan of two-piece ostomy appliances, I have used one-piece systems from time to time.

Disclosure: In this review, I’ll be looking at the Hollister Premier 1pc appliance, which I’ve purchased through my local supplier.

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Hollister Premier 1pc OSTOMY system: REVIEW
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About the Hollister Premier One-Piece Drainable Appliance

Products I’ve used for this review:

Product name: Premier 1pc Drainable; transparent w/filter.
Manufacturer: Hollister
Product #: 8331
Dimensions: 12″ long; cut-to-fit wafer up to 64mm (one size only)
Quantity per box: 10

Product name: Premier 1pc Drainable; opaque w/o filter.
Manufacturer: Hollister
Product #: 8531
Dimensions: 12″ long; cut-to-fit wafer up to 64mm (one size only)
Quantity per box: 10

Hollister premier 8331
The Hollister Premier 1pc.

The Hollister #8331 appliance is a one-piece, drainable system that features a Lock n’ Roll closure (think plastic velcro), AF300 filter and transparent cover.

Currently, there is only one size available (for stomas up to 64 mm) in this appliance, but Hollister does offer far more products with different features and sizes, as well as convexity, filter/non-filter, transparent/cloth-covered, clip/Lock n’ Roll closure, etc.

The Hollister #8531 is the opaque version of this system, and it does not have a filter on it.  Hollister does offer pre-cut sizes, but they are all on a 64mm wafer.

This appliance is packaged in Hollister’s traditional white and red box, and in the box you will find a stoma measuring guide, disposal bags and instructions.

Hollister Premier 8331 box contents
In the box: Instructions, a stoma measuring guide and the bags.

That Wafer!

The Premier appliance comes with a large wafer which can accommodate stomas up to 64mm. The actual size of the wafer is 120mm(!!!), which is quite a bit larger than what I’m used to seeing, but it will accommodate small and larger stomas.

Hollister 8331 wafer measurement
That’s one huge wafer!!

The adhesive used on the wafer is Hollister’s “Flextend”, which is an extended wear product designed to cope with aggressive output (like what you’d find coming out of an ileostomy). I have been able to get my usual three to four days of wear with this appliance, and it hasn’t eroded like I’d expect it to. Kudos to Hollister for this!

Durability aside, I did experience some itching under the wafer around day three, which would normally suggest that I need to change my appliance. This is quite puzzling, as I’d normally have that sensation when my appliance has leaked or when there’s moderate erosion of the wafer. Considering that my skin remained healthy throughout my time wearing this appliance, I won’t think much of it.

The wafer on this system features a tape border, very much like some of the New Image 2pc systems by Hollister. I love tape borders since they are comfortable, more resistant to edge peeling, and don’t irritate my skin like harder wafers do.

But on the side of comfort, I would notice that it would “pinch” a bit when I bent over (probably due to the huge size of the wafer); this is not an issue on their 2pc system, but I’d normally have a much smaller wafer with those.

The tape border on this appliance is also quite resistant to water, so I never experienced edge peeling or a loose adhesive after showers.

Info: Hollister does offer convex versions of this system.

The Pouch

UPDATE (late 2017): Hollister now offers inspection windows on their opaque pouches with filters! Use #8371 for opaque w/ inspection window.

The pouch on the Premier system is nice and large, and it also comes in both beige (#8531) and transparent (#8331); there is also an “ultra-clear” (#8531), but note that the opaque and ultra-clear do not include filters.  If you’re confused over this “transparent vs. ultra-clear” business, have a look at THIS article.

Hollister premier side by side 8531 8331
Left: The opaque #8531 (no filter) Right: The transparent #8331

These bags are high-quality, but the fabric on the opaque pouches (and the fabric on the back of the transparent bags) is cheap and eventually falls apart after several days of wear.  I complained about this in my 2pc New Image review, but it’s not a deal-breaker.

The outlet has some great features, but it also has some concerns.  

On the plus side, the Lock ‘N Roll system is reliable and fairly easy to use, although some people with dexterity challenges may find that it needs a bit of extra effort to secure.  

One benefit of the Lock ‘N Roll system vs. a traditional Velcro closure is that it can easily be cleaned if you accidentally got some stool on it.

Hollister premier closure
The Lock ‘N roll closure is reliable, but some might find it difficult to secure. It measures approx. 2.5″ (6.5 cm) across.

The outlet is easy to clean, but some people may find it frustrating to open at first.  I would suggest putting a crease in it to save your sanity!

I should note that there are no belt hooks on either the wafer or pouch (most one-piece systems don’t include them), but the appliance still felt good, even with a full bag – I suspect the huge wafer has something to do with that!

If you are a pouch cover user like me, you’ll be disappointed to know that pouch covers don’t work well with this system because the top part of the bag tends to sag as the pouch fills, which means your pouch cover has nothing to hold on to.

Hollister premier 1pc with pouch cover
That pouch cover will eventually slip off :(

Because this is a one-piece, it has a very low profile and hides well under clothing (until the bag fills).

Hollister premier one piece profile
When empty, this appliance is very thin.

The AF300 Filter

The filter on this system is called the AF300.  Hollister has these on pretty much all their filtered bags, and it works really well for me. That’s not to say that “ballooning” still isn’t a problem from time to time, but it does work better than most other systems I’ve used.

One reason why the AF300 filter works so well is because it has a special membrane that keeps water out while still allowing gas to pass through. Because of this, you don’t even need to cover the filter when showering!

Hollister premier AF300 filter
This small filter doesn’t need to be covered when you hop in the shower.

I also like the fact that this filter is pretty small (I’m looking at you Sensura Mio Click!), so it works great under stoma guards and other accessories.


At the time of this writing (Jan 2022), the Premier 1pc system seems to only be available in North America.

Based on the cost from my local, Canadian supplier, these bags sell for under $7.3 each, which is very reasonable!

Hollister is good with sending free samples, so don’t be shy about asking!


  • The tape border is comfortable.
  • The filter works better than most and is waterproof.
  • Stoma measuring guide is included in the box.
  • Wafer includes cutting lines.
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Offers great wear time.
  • Very low profile when empty.
  • Lock ‘N Roll closure is reliable.
  • The wafer doesn’t peel easily, even when wet.
  • Inspection windows are available on opaque pouches #8371 (as of late 2017)


  • Can be quite difficult to apply wafer.
  • Only available in North America (let me know if you find it in other countries)
  • The fabric covering is still cheap.
  • Closure may need to be creased to get open.
  • Wafer may be too large for some people.
  • Can’t use it with pouch covers.


Overall, this is a great 1pc appliance (assuming it’s not too big for you!).  If you like wearing a one-piece, give this one a try.

For more information, please visit www.hollister.com

Question: Have you used this appliance? How did it work for you?

4 thoughts on “Hollister Premier 1pc Ostomy Appliance: REVIEW (w/ video)”

  1. The 8531 is the appliance they put on me in the hospital following my surgery for colorectal cancer. I’ve stuck with this particular bag over the past 2 1/2 years. For me, it works. I have had some itching without leaks, too. It’s pretty sporadic. The skin around my stoma looks good/ I asked my surgeon about it and he said as long as it looks ok, I shouldn’t worry much about it.

    As a side note, I want to thank you, Eric, for your website and videos. My community doesn’t have an ostomy nurse and I relied on you and a few others online for information about navigating life with an ostomy.

    • Thank you, Jennifer.

      It may interest you to know that Hollister has a “ceraplus” version of their 1pc Premier bags that might help with your skin being itchy. I’ve got a review coming up for their new bags, and you might want to inquire about them after seeing the review.

      Take care!


  2. I have a loop colostomy needed to divert stool due to excessive perianal fistula involvement. I have had it since July 8, 2014. I have been using this 8331 for about a year and generally am quite pleased. I am starting just recently to “itch” with no leaks. I wonder if my skin could be getting somewhat irritated from the adhesive for such a long period of using the same bag. Any body else having mostly good results but developed itching not related to leaks? Thanks, and thanks for your website Eric

    • Hi Reggie,

      Some people can develop an allergy to their appliance, even after using it for years.

      A few things to perhaps keep an eye on:

      – Is your skin red or weepy or have the look of being irritated?
      – Could the itching be due to hairs growing under the wafer?
      – Does it look like your skin is dry under the wafer (a common cause of itchy skin)?
      – Has your environment or daily routine changed recently? For example, have you been sweating more over the last little while?

      I occasionally get itchiness under the skin, but it doesn’t tent to last more than an appliance change or two. I don’t always know the reason, but as long as my skin looks good then I don’t worry too much about it.


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