The Osto EZ-Vent is a pretty cool little product that helps you remove gas from your ostomy bag without the need to “burp” your bag at the coupling or outlet.

While it can be installed easily on many bags, there are a few that aren’t as compatible. One of those is the Coloplast Sensura Mio, which has a large pre-filter and a double layer of plastic.

In this guide, I’ll be showing you how you can apply the EZ-Vent on these bags.

This method will also work with the one-piece Sensura Mio, but cutting the hole for the vent may need some extra effort. I suggest that you cut the hole for your stoma into the wafer and access the inside of the bag from there (if the hole is large enough).



The important thing to note here is that we need to make sure that the EZ-Vent is high enough on the bag to be used without coming in contact with any output.

Because the Sensura Mio has a double layer of plastic on the front and a large pre-filter that you can’t simply cut around, we’ll do things from the back.

  1. Decide on which side you want to install the EZ-Vent (top left or top right).
  2. Expose the plastic on the top backside of the bag by lifting up the fabric.
  3. Clean the plastic with rubbing alcohol as per the EZ-Vent instructions.
  4. Place the EZ-Vent on the plastic, making sure that the vent can be easily opened without interfering with the locking mechanism on the Sensura Mio coupling (if using the 2pc with mechanical coupling!).
  5. From the inside of the bag, cut the hole for the vent using cuticle cutters.
  6. Profit!

You’re done.

The EZ-Vent can be used while it’s installed on the back, and you’ll be able to wear your Sensura Mio without much trouble.

I’ve tried this method on the Two-Piece with a mechanical coupling. If you’ve installed an EZ-Vent on the Sensura Mio with the “Flex” coupling, please let me know what method worked best for you.
If pouch ballooning is  common issue for you, check out THIS article for more tips.