coolWafer Ostomy Cooling Pack: Overview

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Heat and sweat are a challenge for many ostomates. Reduced wear time is common, but some ostomates have major issues with their appliance peeling or not sticking at all. Enter the coolWafer, which has been designed to cool the area around your stoma and under your wafer.

UPDATE – May 6, 2017: I’ve been informed that the coolWafer company is no longer in business.

This review will stay up as an archive, but the product is no longer being sold. If you find an alternative product, please bring it to my attention.

I’ve had quite a few people asking me whether I’ve tried this product or not, and someone from coolWafer reached out to me and arranged that a sample be sent.

Why not a product review? In order for me to give a review, I’d have to be experiencing the same problem that this product tries to solve: wafers not sticking due to hot weather and/or sweating.  

Because this isn’t a problem for me, it’s hard for me to objectively say whether this product actually works as intended. But it is a product that I’ve been asked a lot about, so this overview should to give more details on how it works.

About the coolWafer

coolWafer back

One side of the coolWafer (the side that touches your skin) has a synthetic, blue fabric. This isn’t really designed to help keep moisture off your skin, but it does help to prevent the uncomfortable feeling that comes when touching your skin with something really cold.  It also makes wearing the coolWafer more comfortable overall.

The other side is simply the flexible plastic that has some text on it, but not instructions.

Inside the coolWafer is a gel that reminds me those cold packs you’d put on a sports injury, but they don’t freeze solid like those “ice bricks” you’d normally stick in a cooler. This gel helps to keep the coolWafer flexible but cold.

When frozen, the coolWafer weighs approx. 125 grams (approx. 4.40 oz), although it doesn’t feel heavy when wearing it.

The product is made in Korea.

While the coolWafer feels durable in the hand, the official website says that “With gentle care, they should last a whole summer”. I would imagine that this depends on how often you use it and how you care for the product.  I would also guess that if you do develop an appliance leak it’ll be difficult to clean the coolWafer completely.

Fun fact: The CoolWafer was invented by the owner Sandi, who became tired of her ostomy wafer coming off during the summer time.

Getting started

coolWafer beside wafer
The opening on the coolWafer can be trimmed to accommodate various flange sizes.

The coolWafer will fit most wafers, but you will have to cut the center area to the appropriate size first.

With my Hollister wafers (#14603) I had to cut the coolWafer a bit to get the flange, which measures 57mm in diameter, to fit.

Once you’ve got it sized properly, you’ll want to put it either in the fridge or freezer before using it. I prefer keeping it in the freezer as it’ll stay cold for a longer period of time versus simply refrigerating it.

After it’s been chilled to your liking, you’ll fit it around your wafer and secure it with the velcro fasteners.

Note: While I’ve only been using the coolWafer with my two-piece appliances, it should fit one-piece systems without much trouble.

My Experience

I’ve worn the coolWafer in temperatures in excess of 30 degrees Celsius (that’s 86 Fahrenheit for those still on the imperial system – I’m looking at you, my American friends!) and it’s been able to keep the area around my stoma for about an hour.

The coolWafer sticks out about an inch around the border of my ostomy bag on all sides. This may seem a little big, but the size helps it to keep cooler longer and provides better coverage around your stoma.

It does add bulk to my appliance overall, which make it more noticeable under clothing.

coolWafer on stomach
coolWafer under clothes
The coolWafer is noticeable under clothing.

I do find that using an ostomy accessory belt helps to keep the profile lower, and it adds more support and security to the appliance, too.

coolWafer with belt front
An accessory belt can help to keep the coolWafer flat, although it’s not required.

Something else I should mention, because I know some ostomates also love to wear their bags horizontally, is that the coolWafer does work in that setup. Since the accessory band used to hold the appliance sideways also gives added support to the coolWafer, I experienced no issues while using it this way.

coolwafer with comfortbelt
The coolWafer will stick out a bit, but it works well with your bag sideways. I was wearing it under the ComfortBelt in this photo.

I mentioned that I’ve been able to get about an hour’s worth of cold while wearing the coolWafer outdoors. The challenge is that many people may need it to last longer, so they would have to carry multiple coolWafers with them in a cooler pack or similar container to keep it cold (if they are out and about).

This may not be very practical for many people, however, it’s probably more convenient to do that than to have to deal with ostomy leaks caused by heat or sweating.

And finally, when it comes to cleaning the coolWafer, it’s a matter of wiping it with a cloth. Personally, because it’s likely that I’ve been sweating while wearing the coolWafer, I like to wash it under water and dry it with a cloth or paper towel – it’s important to get it as dry as possible before putting it in the freezer, or you’ll end up with a coolWafer snowcone!

Is It Right for You?

The coolWafer isn’t for everyone. It’s a specialized product that’s likely going to be unnecessary for a vast majority of ostomates out there. But it really isn’t designed for all ostomates.

If you have trouble with your wafer sticking, or if you experience skin problems and inflammation caused by sweat or heat under your wafer, then this product may be able to help you.

At the time of this writing (Sept 2016), a single coolWafer sells for US$15 + shipping and handling. You can also purchase a three or ten pack for US$42 and US$120 respectively. Coolwafers are no longer being sold (May 2017)

I contacted the company about shipping outside of the US, and they said they certainly could, but can’t guarantee there won’t be any duty or tariffs when it enters another country.

For more information about the coolWafer, please visit

Question: Have you used the coolWafer? What has your experience been like?

10 thoughts on “coolWafer Ostomy Cooling Pack: Overview”

  1. This might be an alternative since they don’t make them anymore. I have one I may try on my daughter. I believe the hot summer days are making her wafer come off.

    Breast Therapy Gel Pads, Momcozy Breast Ice Pack Hot or Cold Use for Nursing Mothers, Relieve Breastfeeding Problems, Use with Any Breast Pumps – 2 Pack with Cover (Red, Large Size)

    • Wow, Kim! Great find! There are several other breast pad gell products with slightly different styles, but they look like a great alternative!

      If this ends up working for your daughter, please let me know.

  2. Yes this is a big problem for me as the wafer melts then leaks out after which the rest can follow. this problem starts about may and lasts till late December for me. I have had to change 2 or more times a day at times. any suggestions would help as convatec and ostomy nurses keep telling me its feces coming out and not the wafer melting…. well they are wrong!

    • Hi Neven,

      Are you using an extended wear wafer? ConvaTec calls their “Durahesive” (rather than their “Stomahesive” products). That should be more resistant to the melting.

        • I’ve tried a few other products and had similar results.i keep working at it hoping I’ll find the answer but so far winter seems to be my best solution. I’m back to trying the cut to fit wafers but They seem very uncomfortable if I’m active at all

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        • If you believe that your problems are being caused by sweat during the hotter months, I have heard of stoma nurses getting patients to use non-scented antiperspirant on the skin under the wafer. I haven’t tried it myself, and I do recommend checking in with your nurse before trying it, but that might be another option for you.

          If you have something you can repurpose that can keep the area cool, I’d be interested in hearing what your experience is like.

          Best of luck!

        • Just as a thought I’ve been thinking of a solution for the demise of the cool wafer product which involves repurposing a diabetic product called the frio cooling bag by using the contents (crystals) and  adjusting the bag design to fit an ostomy 

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