“Mastering Life with an Ostomy” Part 3 of 3 (w/video)

Welcome to part three of my “Mastering Life with an Ostomy” series!

Part 3 (below) explores the following areas:

You can check out part one of my presentation HERE and part two HERE.

Mastering Life with an Ostomy: Part 3 of 3

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Special thanks to the following sponsors of this event:

  • Coloplast
  • ConvaTec
  • Hollister
  • Pacific Coast Region of the WOCN Society
  • The Gene Galindo Memorial Fund

And a very special thanks to Jennifer Lee, the President of the Reno Ostomy Association, and the one who worked tirelessly to get me to Reno!

Jennifer and Eric

More info about the Reno Ostomy Association can be found HERE.

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Nancy Avey
Nancy Avey(@navey)
3 years ago

EXCELLENT video as usual. Unfortunately my surgeon did tell me that a reversible could be done after awhile, but when speaking to the surgeon again months after my loop Ileostomy was done, i was told that under the circumstances a reversible would not be done. I agree wholeheartedly with your view that you are told this is possible to keep you from being depressed about the situation. After two and a half years of living with my Ostomy and coming to terms accepting life with it, I do not want to have it reversed. Better the devil you know than not.
If it wasn’t for you and your site and the forums, I couldn’t have managed my Ostomy or accepted it the way I have. You are truly a heroic role model. Thank you for all you do.

3 years ago

Thats the best one yet.I especially liked the ‘reversibility’ part. Thats ALL I ever heard. No mention of different outcomes or how much reversibility might depend on the length of colon one might have left after surgery. ( or other factors).   The ‘non tragedy’ of the whole thing was very helpful. and something people need to understand about how many of us feel.No its not the end of the world, just the beginning of a different one with less sickness in it. I also fully embraced my new ostomy. I don’t go # 2 anymore…maybe # 3 though.This whole talk will be of great help to ostomates, their loved ones and hopefully our medical allies. Thanks.

3 years ago

Hi Eric, This has been a great series, the points raised in this are so true. Why do we get so embarrassed about the subject of sex. Living a normal life with an ostomy means doing every thing other folk do. Again talking and being open avoids a lot of problems. Also like the topic about Medical staff and what to say or not to say around a patient. 3 months after my surgery I had a check up, I was gaining weight feeling great and getting back into living again. I walked into my appointment sat in front of a Doctor who asked how I was getting on. I said I had never felt better in years! He replied “you look like death warmed up” my jaw hit the ground and he really took the wind out of my sails. Long story short I said to the nurse afterwards who said “That Doctor is never happy with any ones progress” As always many thanks for the work behind these trips. :-D