It seems that Coloplast has been busy making changes to products based on feedback from their users. This is a great thing to see, and I’m happy to be giving you this product overview on the newly designed SenSura Mio pouches for ileostomates.

UPDATE: I’ve published a review on these bags HERE.

Video overview below:

Product Info

Product I’ll be featuring in this overview:

Product name: SenSura Mio Click 2pc pouch w/ filter.
Manufacturer: Coloplast
Product #: 11432
Dimensions: 40mm flange coupling
Quantity per box: n/a

This pouch is part of the SenSura Mio family of products by Coloplast, and will be marketed to ileostomates, as the changes will be relevant to them (and anyone with loose output). They will fit on the two-piece SenSura Mio Click wafers.

I’ve only received one size, but these new pouches will be available in all sizes currently offered by Coloplast.
The earlier style is still available to colostomates.

What’s New?

There are two major changes and one minor improvement to these new pouches.

Please note that the changes you see here will apply to both the one-piece and two-piece Mio’s for ileostomates.


It sounds like Coloplast listened to the many ileostomates who complained about the filter clogging quickly. I had the same complaints in my review of their one-piece system, and it caused a lot of disappointment, so I’m glad it’s being addressed.

On the earlier style, you’ll notice that the large pre-filter has tiny holes in it that allow gas to pass through. Unfortunately, it also allowed liquid to enter the pre-filter, clogging it quickly.

On these new pouches, you’ll notice that there are very few of these holes, and they have been positioned higher up on the pre-filter. In theory, this should help to delay clogging – I won’t know until I’ve tried it myself.

Coloplast Sensura Mio for ileostomates filter

Improved pre-filter on the SenSura Mio for ileostomates

The size of the pre-filter looks the same, as do all other aspects of the filter, so you’ll still need to cover it with those stickers you find in the package.

Pouch Outlet:

The new outlet is narrower, to help accommodate loose output, and it’s also missing the Velcro circles that would normally keep the outlet open.

Coloplast Sensura Mio for ileostomates outlet

Left: SenSura Mio for ileostomates. Right: Standard SenSura Mio

The Velcro is gone due to the fact that many people were complaining that it would get easily soiled when they emptied their pouch or cleaned the outlet.

Since the outlet is completely plastic, it should still be easy to clean, regardless of the consistency of your output.

Locking Mechanism (on two-piece systems)

Coloplast is famous for their two-piece locking mechanisms, and the Mio locks improve on the ones you’ll find on the SenSura Click line.

The new lock on these Mio’s has a subtle difference from the earlier version, and the button to engage the lock is now facing inwards where your thumb can more easily get to it. Not a big change, but more convenient when you want to remove your pouch.

Coloplast Sensura Mio for ileostomates compared

Left: New SenSura Mio for ileostomates. Right: Standard SenSura Mio (note: flange sizes are different because the sample I received was smaller)

For more information on these new SenSura Mio pouches, please visit either or

Question: Will you be switching to the new pouches?