Coloplast Sensura Mio 1pc #10471 – REVIEW (w/ video)

Finding the right ostomy appliance is just as important as finding the right pair of shoes to wear.

The quality of life for an ostomate often depends on their pouching system, and Coloplast hopes to improve on this with their new Sensura Mio product line.

I’ve used the new Sensura Mio #10471 for months.

Disclosure: Coloplast was gracious enough to enroll me in their product feedback program in order to get samples before the official launch of this product on May 1st, 2014.

They played no role in the content of this review.

Video Overview

Coloplast Sensura Mio #10471 ostomy bag: Product overview
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About these Products

Coloplast Sensura Mio 10471
Coloplast Sensura Mio 10471

You can tell that a lot of thought went into designing the new Sensura Mio from Coloplast.

There are little things that only an ostomate could appreciate when holding and looking at the product, like the placement of the product model number, which is hidden conveniently behind the fabric on the top backside of the pouch.

Sensura Mio product code
Convenient placement of the product code

This product comes neatly packaged in a pleasing white and light blue box.

All the relevant details are on the sides of the package, including model number, manufacturer/expiry date, and size.

I like the fact that Coloplast doesn’t over-package their products, and everything fits perfectly without any dead space in the box.

Sensura Mio Package Contents
Package contents

Included in the #10471 package are:

  • 10, one-piece pouches
  • Filter stickers (in case you need to cover up the filter outlet)
  • Instruction guide
  • Stoma guide (for measuring your stoma)
  • Disposal bags


The pouch design is a definite step up from the rough, pinkish colored fabric you’re used to seeing on other pouches. The fabric on this product is smooth, somewhat water-resistant and neutral gray in color.

I have no problem wearing this without a pouch cover – it looks that good.

Like other Coloplast pouches, the Sensura Mio features a Velcro closure, which in my opinion, is the best you can get.

When emptying your pouch, the outlet folds over, so there’s no mess.

One great thing I love about these pouches is that the bottom part of the pouch is transparent, so you can get the end part very clean without having to look inside to see if you’ve missed anything during cleanup.

The front is clean is simple.
The front is clean is simple.
Note there is no belt attachment on the one-piece.
Note there is no belt attachment on the one-piece.

The outlet tucks neatly on the bottom of the pouch and is secured in place with a small Velcro tab.

There is also another Velcro tab in the center of the pouch, hidden under the window flap, which means you can turn this pouch into a smaller size with ease (great for intimacy or exercise).

Regarding that fabric window, it’s a great way to have a look inside your pouch.

This can come in handy if you need to monitor your stoma or the quality of your output.

Convenient window allows you to see inside your pouch...
This convenient window allows you to see inside your pouch…
... and to check out your stoma.
… and to check out your stoma.

The Filter

Hidden under that fabric window, you’ll notice a newly designed filter (named the Circle Filter 430).

The aim of this filter is to delay clogging by giving a larger area for feces and gas to travel (hopefully holding back the feces).

With my output (medium to thick consistency; somewhere between oatmeal and toothpaste) I still had the filter clog within about 24 hours of a new appliance change most of the time.

This was quite disappointing, but I assume that colostomates with drier stool may have better luck.

Because the pre-filter is so large, I found that it added some bulk to the pouch and got “heavy” when saturated with stool.

While not available yet, I’ve been told that a non-filtered model will be available in the near future.

Update: There will be a new style of bag available in the Mio line that helps to reduce the instances of filter clogs. I’ve illustrated the differences in THIS post.

Large pre-filter.
Large pre-filter.

The Wafer

The Sensura Mio line differentiates itself from the regular Assura and Sensura products because it features a completely different wafer that is very flexible and is designed to fit any abdominal shape.

This interested me very much because since getting my ostomy I’ve gained weight that seems to all be around my gut and that’s caused me issues with other wafers.

If you have a hernia, this new wafer will help get a better fit.

One of the problems I was having with both the Sensura Xpro and Asura wafers was that they were made of a stiff plastic and it would cause abrasions along the bottom edge where my abdomen would fold when bending.

In order to correct this problem, I’d have to lay down a physical barrier under my wafer in order to prevent friction.

This was done using Opsite Flexifix film, but since using the Sensura Mio, my skin has been healing without having to resort to any tricks. And even without the belt tabs on the one-piece, the wafer felt comfortable even with prolonged activity.

Removing the wafer was easier than both Assura and Xpro wafers, but I still always use an adhesive remover spray.

Removing the wafer was easier than both Assura and Xpro wafers, but I still always use an adhesive remover spray.

Sensura Mio wafer. It's that flexible! Photo courtesy of Coloplast.
Sensura Mio wafer. It’s that flexible! Photo courtesy of Coloplast.
Jan 2014. Before using Coloplast Sensura Mio.
Jan 2014. Before using Coloplast Sensura Mio.
Late April 2014. Approx. 4 weeks after using Coloplast Sensura Mio.
Late April 2014. Approx. 4 weeks after using Coloplast Sensura Mio.

This specific product is made to fit stomas up to 55mm (2 1/8″) in diameter.

I prefer this cut to fit wafer over pre-cut as I have a slightly irregular shaped stoma and it reduces the need to use pastes or moldable rings.

Tip: Save the protective film from the back of your previous wafer to use as a template for your new appliance.

My Experience

Through my time testing this product, I was able to have multiple showers with the appliance on and without any special tricks to protect it (no tape, no wafer extenders, etc.).

The fabric dried quickly with a simple pat down, and the edges remained stuck to my skin with minimal peeling.

I would suggest blow-drying and using a towel to dry your wafer after getting it wet, since I noticed that when the adhesive gets wet, it creates a bit of a slimy residue.

Once it’s dry, there were no problems. I haven’t tried swimming or a hot tub (any invitations?) with this pouch, but if you spend a lot of time in the water, consider tape or a wafer extender to keep the wafer edges protected.

Top-down view. Fits extremely well.
Top-down view. Fits extremely well.

Wear time for me was 3 days, which is what I was comfortable getting with both the Coloplast Assura and Xpro wafers.

Going past 3 days resulted in stool seeping under the wafer.

I suspect that a combination of thick output plus nighttime ballooning likely contributed to this problem, since I’ve noticed a lot of pressure on the wafer when I wake up with a full pouch.

Note that this wear time is without any additional supplies, like barrier wipes, moldable rings or accessory belts. I should also point out that because this is a one-piece appliance, I can’t help but think that I wasn’t able to get a perfect fit around my stoma like I do with two-piece systems.

I’m confident that when the two-piece is available, I’ll have better wear time with it (a review for that will come once I have tried it).

Keep in mind that wear time is VERY subjective and some people may get much longer and others may have to change their appliance more frequently.

I’m confident that when the two-piece is available, I’ll have better wear time with it (a review for that will come once I have tried it). Keep in mind that wear time is VERY subjective and some people may get much longer and others may have to change their appliance more frequently.

One observation I’d like to mention here is that I seem to get far more instances of “pancaking” (where the stool fails to drop to the bottom of the pouch) with this pouch.

I don’t know if it has anything to do with the extra bulk from the large filter, which prevents the pouch from easily expanding forward, but I do not recall having this problem with the regular Sensura or Assura pouches.

Do I recommend this product?

If you have an irregularly shaped abdomen and you haven’t been getting a good fit with your existing product, then I do HIGHLY RECOMMEND you try the Sensura Mio 10471 one-piece.

If you have sensitive skin that’s had problems with other wafers or adhesive, then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND trying the Sensura Mio 10471 one-piece. My skin has been looking better with each appliance change!

If you are a colostomate with dry, infrequent stools and don’t mind a one-piece, then I’d RECOMMEND the Sensura Mio 10471 since the filter will likely be effective.

If you are an ileostomate, then I DO NOT RECOMMEND this specific model, mainly because of the filter and also because you will likely get a less-than-perfect fit and liquid or loose stools will make contact with your skin.

Of course, if you are used to using stool thickening products, moldable rings or paste, then this might not be so much of a problem (although it will increase the cost of appliance changes).

The issues I’ve experienced with thicker output may also create issues for you. In this case, wait for the two-piece and/or filterless model to be available. I plan on trying all the models available once samples are available.

For more information or samples, please visit (USA) or (Canada)

Question: Have you tried these new Sensura Mio pouches? How was your experience?

36 thoughts on “Coloplast Sensura Mio 1pc #10471 – REVIEW (w/ video)”

  1. Hello and thank you VeganOstomy for your review. I have a colostomy and my usual pouch was discontinued. I’m seriously frustrated and depressed! I finally found this SensuraMio and I really like it buy my skin is breaking down and itchy all the time as soon as I put it on. (This is even before it is ever wet from bathing.) Do you or anyone know of some sort of barrier I can use first so that I can continue using this product? Coloplast said it doesn’t work well if you use the powder or skin barrier but maybe someone here has tried something and been successful. Thank you for any feedback!

    • Hi Jessica,

      That must be very frustrating. What product did you come from before using the Mio? If you are having an allergic reaction, then I don’t suggest using these at all.

      Depending on where your skin is breaking down or getting itchy, there may be other solutions. For example, is it itchy and breaking down in the area right next to your stoma? If so, then a barrier ring may be helpful.

      Good luck!

      • Hi VeganOstomy,
        Thank you so much for your reply and all of your insight. My skin gets extremely itchy and breaks down in random areas but mostly around the outer edges of the wafer. Maybe because I exercise and it’s so hot in TX and I’m always sweating. But I have not been wanting to exercise because of this. I used to use the Hollister Premier one-piece drainable pouch with karaya. [Moderator edit: link replaced)

        This pouch was amazing for me having a colostomy. It had a replaceable filter and the flange was like paper tape and breatheable. The filters hardly ever got clogged too. I seriously want a pouch with a replaceable filter like before but it looks like no one else makes them. I’m also not a fan of the new pouches with the rigid closures instead of a clip. When you have more formed stool it makes it way more difficult to clean. Anyway, I am so thankful you posted about the Opsite Flexifilm. I tried it under the Sensura Mio and it’s helping the skin to chill out some but it’s a task measuring and cutting all that tape. If you have any other advice I am all ears. I have had this colostomy since I was 14 and have never had a problem with products up until now and I’m 44! Life used to be pretty easy, but now I don’t know what to do.

  2. Hi my landlord clains I am making her toilet sluggish I have had my Ileostomy for over 9 years and now she wants me to use less toilet paper and flush ywice. I find using water helps me empty my pouch easier. Any ideas or advice while I am trying to find a place to live elsewhere. SHARI

    • Hi Shari,

      Sounds like your landlord should call a plumber to clear up the pipes! She’s making an unusual request, but you believe that you are to blame for the toilet being sluggish, you can try using other types of toilet paper (some break down faster than others). 

      Rinsing your pouch with water can certainly help, and all you’d need to do is wipe the outlet clean when you’re done – very little toilet paper would be required. 

      Best of luck to you!

  3. NICK…..Regarding my last comment (reply to you), Eric may know where you can obtain SALTS appliances from in the U.S. or Canada.

    Eric…..can you kindly comment on where SALTS appliances can be obtained from, for anyone who is interested in them, in the United States or Canada please?

    Many thanks and best wishes.

    • Argyle medical out of Montreal, Quebec is the National distributor of Salts products in Canada, but you’ll still find them for sale by other medical suppliers.

      I’m not sure what Salts’ distribution is like in the US, but I hear it’s pretty scarce – best to contact Salts in the UK to find out where their products are sold in the US.


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