3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going Vegan (World Vegan Day 2015)

3 things i wish i knew before going vegan

It’s World Vegan Day 2015, and there’s no better time to go vegan than now! With thousands of books, websites, personal blogs and YouTube channels dedicated to this lifestyle, you’ll feel right at home! But things weren’t always this easy, and the lack of a mature internet made living as a vegan a complicated affair!

These are some of the things I wish I knew before going vegan. Oh, and Happy World Vegan Day! =)

Everything You Know About Nutrition Is Wrong

OK, maybe not EVERYTHING, but I grew up believing that cow’s milk was the only place to get calcium, and that protein came only from meat. The fact is, many people still believe in these myths, and many continue to circulate bad information about diet and nutrition.

I wish I listened less to TV or radio ads and read more facts about healthy eating.

We Really Don’t Need to Use Animals and Have Way Better Options

It’s true now, and it was true when I became vegan over 15 year ago. We simply don’t have to kill and use animals to be happy and healthy!

There’s more than enough scientific evidence supporting plant-based diets as being as healthy or healthier than omnivores diets, but beyond diet, we also have wonderful alternatives to animal ingredients in personal care products, clothing and even ostomy supplies!

I wish I knew much sooner that my health and happiness were not dependent on animal use.

Animals Value Their Own Lives, and That’s Important

This is something I wish I knew much, much sooner! Society likes to commodify animals, which makes it nearly impossible to focus on their individuality.

Think about it: We have no trouble understanding that the cats and dogs who live in our homes have their own personalities, likes, fears and quirks; but very few people value the same traits when it comes to cows, pigs, chicken or other any other animal we systematically breed and destroy.

As science improves, we are also learning more about animal behavior, which has shown that non-human animals do have emotions and even grieve at the loss of a loved one.

Knowing these things sooner would have likely caused me to go vegan earlier in my life, or at least think about the implications of my actions.

Fortunately, this information is easily accessible and openly discussed on social media, support forums, YouTube and blogs, so now you’ve got less reason to delay going vegan today!

If you’re looking for some of my favorite resources, check out THIS page.

Question: What do you wish you knew before going vegan? If you aren’t vegan, what’s holding you back?

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