OstomyEssentials Flange Seal Ring – REVIEW

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One of the concerns that ostomates face is whether they can get their appliance wet or not.  

Disclosure: The product used in this review was based on samples I requested from the supplier.

For many of us, a shower doesn’t affect our wafer’s durability, nor does it cause any significant problems.

But for those who go swimming or use hot tubs, the extended exposure to water can be a challenge.

The product I’ll be reviewing today is called the Flange Seal Ring by OstomyEssentials.

In essence, it’s a thin film which goes over your wafer in order to create a waterproof seal that helps in not only to keep water from eroding your wafers edges, but also to keep your wafer securely attached in the event of a leak or wafer adhesive failure.  

It’s designed to be used on just about any ostomy appliance brand or style.

The Flange Seal Rings come in two sizes, small and medium.  

The small is meant to fit flanges that are 45-57mm and the medium fits floating flanges that are 45-70mm  or standard flanges that are 57-70mm.

Please note that “flange” in this case is the part that attaches to your pouch, not the entire wafer.  

You can usually use the terms interchangeably, but for clarification, I have to point out the differences.  

Not only is the opening for the flange larger in the medium ring, but it also extends further out compared to the small ring.

Some flanges may require the product to be trimmed in order to accommodate belt loops or locks, but they fit most flanges without any modification, as you can see in the photo’s below from various brands:

Ideally, you’ll want to use these rings on a two-piece system, since they can be very easily applied onto the wafer before the pouch goes on, but they’ll work on one-piece systems with a bit of trimming (and maneuvering).  

I tested the medium size ring on the Coloplast Sensura Mio one-piece #10471 and had to trim the inner hole in order to get it to fit properly.  

Using the Coloplast Sensura Click Xpro wafer #10025 (two-piece), I was able to use the small size ring without having to modify it, but I did remove the belt tabs on the flange first.  

The Flange Seal Rings have two release layers for easy application.  

I like the fact that each release layer can be removed in halves, so you aren’t left fumbling with the exposed adhesive part while positioning the product correctly.  

I did notice that the medium size ring would overlap my belly button, so I did trim it, so water wouldn’t get trapped underneath (photos below).  

This caused a small part of my wafer to be exposed, but the seal still remained highly effective.  

With the small size ring, it didn’t interfere with my belly button.  

Depending on where your stoma is situated, or if you have fresh surgical scars, you may have to also trim the outer parts of the ring in order to get a custom fit.  

The film itself is very thin, but I did feel that it was on, which is not surprising considering the large area it covers.  

Not that it was uncomfortable, just slightly noticeable.

Flange Seal ring after a shower
Flange Seal ring after a shower

I was able to take three long, hot showers over the course of three full days on a single ring, and it held up quite nicely.  

There was some very minor edge peeling by the third day, but not enough to compromise the seal.  

I did notice some skin irritation heading into the third day, but after discussing it with the manufacturer, it’s been acknowledged that this product isn’t meant to be used for extended-wear, but as needed.

This isn’t a problem if you go for an occasional swim or shower every other day, but if you need to wear these daily, then the cost will add up.  

That said, if your skin is unaffected by extended-wear, then by all means wear it as long as you like!

Like wafer adhesives, everyone’s mileage will vary when it comes to wear time.  

If you do plan on using it when required, you should be able to peel it off without affecting the wafer as long as you peel in from the center outwards (not from the outer edge) and do NOT use an adhesive remover.  

After removing the Flange Seal Ring from my wafer as previously described, the wafer was in perfect condition without any peeling.  

I was quite impressed by this.  

If you use a wafer that has a tape border (like some Hollister or Cymed products), then I don’t know if you’re able to remove the Flange Seal Ring without compromising the tape border.

I don’t have access to a swimming pool or hot tub (any offers?), but I’m confident that these Flange Seal Rings would hold up without any major issues, provided that you use them as directed.

At the time of this writing (Jan 2022), the Flange Seal Rings sell between CDN$15 and $22.50 depending on the size, and you get 10 rings per package.  

I’d like to point out that the price hasn’t changed since 2014, which is impressive to say the least.

OstomyEssentials ships within Canada, but you may be able to find this product through other dealers who ship outside of Canada.

OstomyEssentials used to offer samples, but you may want to contact the company to see if they still do.


The Flange Seal Rings from OstomyEssentials offers both a water barrier and helps to secure your wafer.  

If you worry about water exposure, then I suggest giving these a try!

You can find these rings, as well as other ostomy supplies at OstomyEssentials.ca

Question: Have you used these rings before? How did they work for you?

10 thoughts on “OstomyEssentials Flange Seal Ring – REVIEW”

  1. Hi Eric!

    I’ve ordered a sample a couple weeks ago and am just waiting for their arrival to try out before I order (purchase) any other accessories. I don’t know if there’s a newer version of your review (I followed The Front Butt YouTuber’s link here) but I just chatted with Edgepark and they have these now. Unfortunately, the CSR I spoke to didn’t know about them but I helped her out thanks to remembering The Front Butt YouTuber’s review (and now yours!).


    I’ve tried the aquaguard sheets but the strips didn’t hold 1 minute into the shower. Hopefully these will work better =)

    Thanks for all you do!!

  2. So I used a package on my recent trip to Italy. It took me two or three tries to learn how to apply them properly. The wasted rings were well worth the experience in learning how to properly apply these very effective rings. I used to worry so much about leaks when flying or traveling far from home. Well, let me tell you. This product is fantastic. Once applied I never worried about a leak no matter what I did or how I moved. They are so thin you don’t even realize you’re wearing it. They have to be tried to understand how great they are…and it covers and protects the entire wafer. I highly recommend this product if you are worried about leaks or getting your wafer wet. With a little finessing I was even able to apply the rings with my pouch already on. Additionally, they can be removed very easily. They are located in Canada and their advertised shipping to the US is $17.00! But I called them on the phone and they shipped them to me via regular mail for just $3.00. It is well worth ordering a package to try if you worry at all about leaks and/or getting your wafer wet. These rings solved my leakage worry problem when traveling. I give these rings 5 stars.

  3. I ordered a pkg. of OstomyEssentials Flange Seal Rings from their Canada office. The shipping was going to be $17 Two-day delivery to the US! More than the cost of the Seal Rings. But I called them and they sent it regular mail for $3 something. Haven’t used one yet but will for my trip abroad at the end of September. I get nervous about a leak on an airplane. This should allay my worries.

      • Yes. I am going to do that. I’m not crazy about having that seal on my skin but I think it will keep me from being worried about a leak on the plane. Of course now that I’ve discovered Adapt stoma rings and barriers I never leak. Yeah. Your website is great! I visit all the time. Thanks.

  4. Just ordered Ryan a sample! This is a product that he would LOVE! Super grateful for your review and brining this new product to our attention.


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