Life With an Ostomy: Becoming Your Own Advocate (video)

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Life with an ostomy can be either easy or a challenge depending on how you approach it.

Here is the presentation I gave during the Power of You Ostomy Education Seminar in Regina, Saskatchewan.

This video is part one of two, and the second will be a Q&A session with the audience who attended the event:

Life With an Ostomy: Becoming Your Own Advocate
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I’m joined by both Sheryl Walker (a stoma nurse) and Dr. Ryan Suri (General Surgeon) as we explore some these topics and more:

  • My story with IBD.
  • Coming to terms with my surgery.
  • What life was like following my surgery.
  • How I began advocating for others.
  • Steps to becoming your own advocate.
  • Questions that any ostomy patient should be asking their healthcare professional before and after surgery.

You can check out Part Two here!

1 thought on “Life With an Ostomy: Becoming Your Own Advocate (video)”

  1. Eric hearing your journey brings back a lot of memories. i remember setting up a work station to work from the sofa. No Matter how long we are an ostomate we will never stop learning and every one take a little time out to listen to these videos. I put this on while doing some paperwork and just let Eric rattle away. Good one Eric cheers


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