Amazing meal – “Fries wrap with tofu”

I made some home fries last night (skinned potatoes coated with light olive oil, garlic & herb spice, paprika, black pepper and salt, baked at 450F for around 40 minutes) and they were delicious. I decided to have some as leftovers this morning, but made them into a burrito.

Tomato tortilla wrap + leftover homefries + tofu soaked with soy sauce + avocado + sriracha sauce = yummy goodness that is post-op ileostomy diet compatible.  Pure win.

Here was the result:

Eating a post-op diet shouldn’t be boring or unhealthy.  This was an amazing wrap and I only wish I had more leftovers… when I feel like peeling more potatoes, I’ll be making this again :)

Of course, you can make this even more nutritious by adding shreds of lettuce, tomato or other veg – AFTER you’ve been given the OK from your doctor, and after you’ve tested those foods to make sure they make your stoma happy.

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