Product Description

Adhesive removers are used to break down the adhesives on our wafers, and to remove adhesive residue from our skin. This helps to greatly reduce irritation caused by the skin pulling/tearing during appliance removal. I had an absolutely dreadful time removing my wafers before I found the right adhesive remover product.

How they are typically sold


Niltac adhesive remover spray (taking a nap in this photo)


I do NOT recommend AllKare wipes (they leave an oily residue on the skin)

This product usually comes in two forms: wipes and sprays.

The wipes are sold in boxes of 20-100 individually sealed packets.  These packets travel well and have a long expiry date.

How to use product

Sprays are applied to the edge of the wafer, and more can be applied as the wafer is peeled off. Wipes are best used after the wafer has been removed in order to clean up any residue from the adhesive or tape that might have been on the skin.

I show both uses in my “How to Change an Ostomy Appliance” video, which can be found HERE.


  • Please note that after using these products, you should clean your skin well, as they may affect the adhering strength of your new appliance.
  • Don’t be alarmed if the wipes turn your skin a powdery white; it’s just residue and will wash off.
  • There may be travel restrictions when using the adhesive sprays.  You may want to check with your airliner first before bringing it with you for a trip.


Most are silicone based and generally don’t contain animal ingredients. Some wipes may contain animal ingredients.

You can find an up-to-date list of ostomy products that are free of animal ingredients HERE.

Additional info

I’ve reviewed a few adhesive removers already, which you can find in the reviews section HERE.