Blue Crown Club Ostomy Shower Guard : REVIEW (w/ video)

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When I was fresh out of surgery, showering was a bit awkward, not only because I had some large incisions to protect, but also because showering and drying a wet bag wasn’t something I wanted to do when I was in recovery and still weak from years of chronic illness.   While I devised a few DIY methods to cover my abdomen when showering, it was quite inconvenient, produced excess garbage and wasn’t always effective.

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Aqua Seal Ostomy Wafer Extender – REVIEW

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Whether you’re looking to protect your ostomy wafer from water, or to just get a more secure fit, wafer extenders have been a popular choice for many ostomates. They come in various sizes and styles, depending on the brand you go with, but I find that the most secure products are the clear, thin films that go on as one piece. Aqua Seal by Costa Medical, is the wafer extender that I’ll be reviewing today, based on my experience using samples that had been sent to me.

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OstomyEssentials Flange Seal Ring – REVIEW

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One of the concerns that ostomates face is whether they can get their appliance wet or not.  For many of us, a shower doesn’t affect our wafers durability, nor does it cause any significant problems, but for those who go swimming or use hot tubs, the extended exposure to water can be a challenge. The product I’ll be reviewing today is called the Flange Seal Ring by OstomyEssentials, which will be based on samples I received. In essence, it’s a thin film which goes over your wafer in order to create a waterproof seal that helps in not only to keep water from eroding your wafers edges, but also to keep your wafer securely attached in the event of a leak or wafer adhesive failure.  It’s designed to be used on just about any ostomy appliance brand or style.

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