“Mastering Life with an Ostomy” Part 2 of 3 (w/video)

Mastering life with an ostomy presentation header Part 2

Welcome to part two of my “Mastering Life with an Ostomy” series!

Part 2 (below) discusses some of the pros and cons of the following ostomy accessories:

If you missed part one, check it out HERE!

P.S. Reviews for many of these products can be found HERE!

Mastering Life with an Ostomy: Part 2 of 3
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Coming up in part three, I talk about strategies for caregivers and healthcare professionals who look after ostomy patients!

Special thanks to the following sponsors of this event:

  • Coloplast
  • ConvaTec
  • Hollister
  • Pacific Coast Region of the WOCN Society
  • The Gene Galindo Memorial Fund

And a very special thanks to Jennifer Lee, the President of the Reno Ostomy Association, and the one who worked tirelessly to get me to Reno!

Jennifer and Eric

More info about the Reno Ostomy Association can be found HERE.

4 thoughts on ““Mastering Life with an Ostomy” Part 2 of 3 (w/video)”

  1. I watched all three videos and I found them very helpful. I am 74 years old and I’ve had my ileostomy since I was 23. I am mostly self taught. Only within the last two years have I ever seen a stoma nurse and it was because of a terrible problem I was having with the skin weeping under the pouch. They were extremely helpful at such a stressful time. I came upon your videos this evening and I was so impressed. You were so helpful in giving tips that either I learned on my own or never knew. You were a wonderful speaker and with volumes of helpful information. I believe anyone who is an ostomy patient would benefit greatly from reviewing your videos. Excellent job, thank you.

    • Thank you for taking the time to write, Patricia. I truly appreciate your kind words.

      I think that no matter how long you’ve had your ostomy, it’s always an evolving learning experience. Take care!

  2. I just watched the first two parts of this presentation Eric.Great job. This will be so helpful to so many people. I hope more people in the health care ‘business’  will make their patients  aware of VO.  Thanks.


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