IBD/Ostomy Resources

ibd and ostomy favorites banner If you’re looking for IBD or Ostomy related sites, here are some of my favorites.

Legend(just a guide, some sites have a wide focus):
flag-canada = Canadian (eh!)
stoma bag icon = Ostomate/Ostomy-related focus
IBD icon = Focus on general IBD (both Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis)
Crohn's icon = Focus on Crohn’s disease / Blogger with Crohn’s
Ulcerative colitis icon = Focus on Ulcerative Colitis / Blogger with UC
J pouch icon = Focus on J-Pouch / Living with a J-Pouch
Veg icon = Vegan/Plant-based resource

IBD/Ostomy Organizations:

Blogs/informational sites:


Youtube Channels:

Support forums (I personally frequent these):

You can also see who I’m following on Twitter, and Facebook for more.

Updated Oct 16, 2018

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6 years ago

Thanks for the reference here, sorry I didn’t see it before.