Ostomy Accessories Guide: Disposal Products

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Guide to Ostomy Accessories: Disposal Systems
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What are Disposal Products?

Generally speaking, disposal products allow you to conveniently discard soiled ostomy supplies, but they can come with some added benefits over simply throwing supplies into the trash.

Some Benefits

  • All ostomy disposal products are designed to prevent odors from escaping.
  • Disposal products can be used during times when access to a toilet or garbage bin is limited. A few examples include: while camping, hiking, while in a vehicle, etc.
  • Disposal products can often allow you to change your appliance or swap out a two-piece bag without needing to use a washroom.
  • Ones designed for ostomy supplies offer a consistent and reliable experience that you may not get with other disposal bags (especially cheap, store brand products).

Potential Issues

  • Disposal products are often not covered by insurance and may be expensive.
  • Paid disposal bags may not offer much more than the free ones you get with your appliance.
  • Certain disposal products are designed to be used with specific ostomy appliances and may not work if you switch to another brand (see below for an explanation).
  • Disposal products designed specifically for ostomy supplies may not work any better than those made for pet waste or diapers.
  • Disposal bags may not be large enough to hold all the soiled supplies you have to discard.

How Disposal Products are Typically Sold

There are currently two different disposal systems designed for ostomates, but see the alternatives section for more ideas.


OstoSolutions Ostomy Pouch seals

I’ve only seen one product in this category, and that’s the OstoSolutions Seals, which I’ve reviewed HERE.

OstoSolutions Seals are sold in packages of 30 or 40 (depending on the size) and are designed for single-use only. A package will sell for under $15.

One important thing to keep in mind with these seals is that you order them based on your specific flange size and brand, and they are meant for use with two-piece systems.

Disposal Bags

Attiva Seal-N-Toss open bag
Attiva Seal-N-Toss open bag

Many ostomy appliances will come with disposal bags in the box. These free bags are usually only big enough to carry a single, soiled appliance plus a few extra soiled items, but not much else. These also need to be tied off, which may not be very easy if you have joint or mobility issues.

Disposal bags Hollister vs Coloplast
Comparing the free disposal bags you get in both Hollister and Coloplast supply packages, you can see that they vary a bit from each other. Both need to be tied off, but they both work well for their intended purpose.

Disposal bags designed for ostomates usually come in boxes of 100 or so and are often priced around $20 – $30, although you can find them cheaper if you look.

Buying These Products

Some medical supply stores will carry these products, but they aren’t very common.

You can often order them directly from the manufacturer or you can ask the manufacturer where their products are sold. Alternatively, you may have better luck purchasing these on Amazon (below).

Purchase on Amazon

You can buy various ostomy disposal products on Amazon (affiliate links): USA

How to Use Disposal Products

As I’ve mentioned above, there are two styles.


This product snaps into the back of your two-piece bag and forms an odor-proof seal that allows you to either store your soiled pouch until you have an opportunity to dispose of it or dispose of it right away.

The nice thing about this product is that you are guaranteed that no odor comes from your soiled appliance, which isn’t always the case when you use regular garbage bags.

OstoSolutions seal test
Even a full bag can stay odor-free with the OstoSolutions Seal.

Disposal Bags

Disposal bags designed for ostomy appliances will have a “Ziploc” closure on the top of it to make sure that odors are trapped and liquids stay in the bag. I find that these tend to be thicker than the disposal bags that come with ostomy appliances, and they are often 100% opaque, which can’t be said of most included disposal bags.

One such disposal bag that’s been designed for ostomates are the Seal n’ Toss bags by Attiva, which I’ve reviewed HERE.

Attiva SealNToss bag after one week
After one week of sitting on my desk, there were no odors from the Attiva Seal N Toss bag.

Tips on Using Disposal Products

Here are some helpful suggestions to keep in mind while using disposal products.

  • Nearly all disposal products are compact and can travel easily. Consider taking a bunch when you travel.
  • If you like to camp or spend time outdoors, disposal products can offer you a great way to hang onto your soiled supplies until you can conveniently dispose of them.
  • Remember that if you use a seal, you may still need a disposal bag to get rid of other soiled supplies.
  • Some products may be scented. This can make things more pleasant, but all products should be able to keep odors in check, regardless of whether they are scented or not.
  • When using a seal or a sealed disposal bag, keep in mind that gas may build-up over several days. This is normal and is caused by the bacteria in your stool.
  • If you’ve had trouble with appliance leaks and find yourself changing your appliance at work or at a friend’s house, consider using these disposal products to avoid leaving behind lingering smells in the washroom.

Alternatives to Disposal Products

There are a few alternatives to using these products, and it will often depend on where you intend to change your appliance.

If you are away from home or don’t have access to a washroom, you can use any type of disposal bag like grocery bags, “kitchen catcher” bags (I use these a lot), regular garbage bags (which are overkill for a single appliance), or even large freezer bags that can be sealed.  I’ve even known people to use sealable bags intended for pet waste.

One option for those who spend more time at home is to use a Diaper Genie, which is meant to hold soiled diapers without letting any odors get out. You can find similar products under different names, but they all do the same thing, and any will work well with soiled ostomy bags.

Diaper Genie for ostomy disposal
The Diaper Genie, and similar products like it, can make disposing of soiled ostomy supplies at home quick and odor-free.

Additional Resources

In the article on how I change my ostomy appliance, you can see how I use a white kitchen catcher bag to collect any soiled supplies. This bag is generally good at trapping odors, but some brands aren’t and none are as opaque as the black/colored disposal bags made for ostomy supplies.

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  1. I ran into a fantastic sale at Staples – sealable 9×12 bags which they were clearing out – I purchased 1000 of them for $19.00. Only problem is that they are clear since they’re meant to protect paperwork that’s placed inside and displayed. I’ve used them at my campground for the last couple of months and they’re working out great. Hoping to find another similar sale!

  2. I store my Coloplast Sensura Mia one piece with Eakin seal and a barrier wipe with brown paper towels in a quart zip bag. When I need to change, grab the bag, change wrap soiled pouch, wrap in paper towel and zip up. No leaks and discrete.

  3. Same thing with the Coloplast sensura two piece. 20 bags in the box but they only give you 10 blue trash bags. Drives me bananas!


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