Salads – Impossible you say?

Before getting my ileostomy, I combed support forums to see what foods people were eating with their ileostomy.  

To my disappointment, it seems that a lot of people were avoiding healthy foods like salads, legumes, fruits and vegetables because they feared things like blockages or increased output.  

This was a problem because I love those foods, and while Crohn’s disease made sure that I couldn’t enjoy eating without being punished afterwards, I was determined to one day enjoy these foods again.

Well… I’ve been able to enjoy wonderful salads, even in large quantities, without any trouble whatsoever (except maybe that tend to overeat!).  

I started with iceberg lettuce, which is mostly water, mild and an easier salad green to digest.  I then moved to romaine and then mixed dark greens.  

I’ve  also been adding vegetables, dressings, tofu and other goodies to my salads too.

Here are a few examples of what I’ve been stuffing my face with lately:

Now, please keep in mind that these salads have worked for ME, but how these go through your body depends a lot on how well you chew your food and if you have any other digestive complications.  

If you’re going to indulge, remember to try easier stuff like iceberg and see how that goes, then add more.

I hope that everyone will be able to enjoy a nice salad soon!

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6 thoughts on “Salads – Impossible you say?”

  1. Before my colostomy, with Crohn’s, I couldn’t eat any raw fruits and veggies. I had to eat them cooked beyond recognition. Also, no seed or nut products, beans of any kind or veggies/fruits with skins left on. I now can eat anything I want to and have pretty much figured out transit time and when to expect “Raspberry” (my stoma’s name because he sounds like he is blowing raspberries when he is active) to let loose with what I have eaten. Lots of food eaten never really digests and comes out the same way they went in (especially blueberries, corn, nuts, seeds, skins on potatoes and tomatoes, etc.) I eat the above mentioned foods now if I am not going anywhere. My transit time usually is about 6 hours +/-. Nice to be able to indulge again. This time, though, I know what to expect and when. Still waiting for my high-output pouches to arrive, should be tomorrow or next day – then I am going to “INDULGE” :). Putting on the sombrero – Mexican foods galore. :)

  2. This article is really encouraging. I’ve been paranoid about blockages so have been avoiding most salad items. I’ve eaten tomatoes and peppers finely chopped and I still see all the bits of skin in my bag, so I’ve always peeled them since. I tried cabbage and it came out in my bag in strips, I’ve not tried lettuce. I eat salads but tend to use a bit more imagination and for example make them Thai style with papaya and herbs / spices.
    Maybe I should try experimenting a bit more. It’s easy to make salads at home, but it does make it difficult if I want to eat out in a restaurant

    • If you are starting with salad, try iceberg lettuce first :)

      Everyone finds cabbage hard to digest, especially raw, but if you cook them *well done*, they are much easier to chew.

      Good luck!

      • Over the last few months I’ve been encouraged to experiment more with food by a fellow ileostomate and I’m so surprised with the success that I’ve had. There were foods that I couldn’t eat immediately post op that my body can easily digest now.
        I’m eating pretty much a normal diet, I might eat a smaller portion of certain foods, but I’ve tried everything including coleslaw, mushrooms, grapes, oranges, it’s brilliant!!


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