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When I was tagged by my friend to be part of the IBD Advocacy Tag, I was like, “OH, HELL YEAH!!”.

Then I got sick with cold… then I got over the cold and had coughing fits as I tried to record…. then I finally got everything ready and recorded a session and the memory card in the camera failed – twice.

But I persevered and got it done!!

Now you can watch my answers to the #IBDAdvocacyTag which started with my friend Megan, The Front Butt YouTuber!

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Questions Answered: 

  1. What form of IBD do you have?
  2. Why is IBD advocacy important?
  3. Describe a socially awkward moment with IBD.
  4. What is a common stigma you run into?
  5. What do you want other people to know about IBD?

As part of the IBD Advocacy Tag, I get to tag more people to be part of it!

So my choices are:

  • Dan Sharp of dansharpibd.org. Dan is not only a friend, but he’s also a thinker who loves science and loves to call out pseudoscience!
  • Rasheed Clarke of rasheedclarke.com is an incredibly talented Canadian writer and author who’s not afraid to talk IBD! He’s also the guy behind the awesome article about me in the Crohn’s and Colitis Canada website!

If you want to get into all of the IBD Advocacy Tag action, just make a video, write a blog post, or do a podcast answering the five questions above and share it using the #IBDAdvocacyTag hashtag!

Special Thanks

I want to thank Megan for starting the IBD Advocacy Tag, and I’d also like to thank all of those who got on board with it!

You can check out Megan’s IBD Advocacy Tag video HERE, as well as all the others in THIS playlist.

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