What’s for dinner? Oct 21, 2013

I love simple, quick meals – especially when it’s nutritious and delicious :) 

Tonight I made one of those meals.  

It took about 15 minutes to prepare, plus whatever time it took to cook the rice in the rice cooker, but the results speak for themselves!

I started with some chopped onions, then I turned my rice cooker on and added some olive oil to it.  

When the oil was hot, I cooked the onions, adding chili powder, salt and ground pepper along the way.  

Once I felt the onions were sufficiently cooked, I thawed out some frozen mixed veg by running them under hot water (I love the stir-fry blend) and added in MSG and tofu chunks, saving some tofu for the salad.

I then added rice and water to the mix and let it cook.  

When it’s done, I add a bit of rice wine vinegar in and stir.  Then after plating the rice, I’ll drizzle a small amount of soy sauce on it.

While that was going, I prepared the salad.  

I’ve been purchasing the large tubs of mixed greens as they offer good variety at a reasonable price, and considering iceberg lettuce is about $2.50 a head right now and small leaf lettuce is around $2 a head, I’m happy to get the mixed greens.  

I chopped up some tomato and cucumber, and mixed it all together, adding the tofu I saved earlier.  You can marinate the tofu if you like, or even cook it before adding it, but I like it right out of the package.  I then drizzled some salad dressing and served.

The end results:  

If you make this, remember to chew well and enjoy :)

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