Niltac adhesive remover spray – REVIEW


Changing your ostomy appliance can result in some frustration.  Some stomas don’t know how to relax and will erupt like a volcano in Pompeii.

Note: Niltac is owned by ConvaTec, so all info and samples (if they still give them) can be found at

Sometimes you fumble with your supplies. But for me, removing my wafer has been a test in patience and pain endurance.  When using a Colopast Assura extended wear or Sensura Xpro wafer, I seem to get an amazing bond – some would be envious if they’ve struggled with wafers NOT sticking to their skin, but the fun ended when it came time to change my appliance.

I left the hospital with some adhesive remover wipes, the Coloplast Brava adhesive removers.  They were small and seemed dry, but they were better than nothing. Still, it would take at least 5-10 minutes to remove my wafer.  Something had to change!

When I got home, my Coloplast samples were starting to run out, so I began contacting companies for their samples: Hollister, Convatec (Allkare wipes), Salts and even the Convatec Niltac wipes.

The Hollister wipes were similar to the Coloplast ones, but a bit bigger.  The Salts wipes caused me to break out into tiny red spots, so that was out of the question.  The Allkare wipes smelled citrusy and were a good size, but they left a very wet, almost oily residue that needed to be thoroughly washed off after the appliance was removed.    The Niltac wipes were nice, but what about their spray?

First, I should mention that adhesive remover wipes are best for removing adhesive residue (like the stuff left over from the multitude of bandages you’ll be fitted with at the hospital and during home care), but sprays are meant for actually removing ostomy wafers and really sticky wound management tapes.

So I requested a sample of the Niltac Spray from the companies website and tried it to see how it worked.

WOW!  I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting something mind-blowing, but the moment I sprayed the edge of my wafer, I could see it peeling off my skin and it began falling off!  With some assistance, it came off in a few seconds, and a few extra sprays on some harder to reach areas and it was off.  Painless, no residue, super-easy – AMAZING.  Another thing I like is that the bottle is small, small enough to carry in a travel pack of emergency ostomy supplies, but I don’t know how long each bottle lasts just yet.

Does it contain animal products?  According to the MSDS, this product only contains silicone and propellant.  The wipes only contain silicone.

So it looks like I’ve found my solution and I’d ask anyone who’s interested to request a free sample to try out for yourself. Their website now says that samples are not intended for home use, so if you have an ET Nurse (your stoma Nurse) request it instead, I’m sure there won’t be any problems – I was able to get a sample sent to my home without any trouble.  UPDATE: They no longer seem to be offering samples as of late March 2014. 

If you do like the product, see if your local supplier has it or contact ConvaTec to see where you can purchase it.

6 thoughts on “Niltac adhesive remover spray – REVIEW”

  1. Thanks for your information. Have you count how many bag changes can the bottle spray sustain? I am deciding whether the spray or the wipe is cheaper and suitable for me. It is a bit luxury in my country

    • @Vincent Hi Vincent, this really depends on how often you use it, how much you spray, and for how long each spray is pressed for. I’ve had single bottles last months with how I use them.

      If I do need a wipe, I spray a bit on some gauze pad and it works the same way to remove any stuck-on residue. 

    • Hi Yoda,

      Removing residue from any barrier ring can be difficult and often requires some effort. I would recommend using either adhesive remover wipes or spray some of this stuff on a gauze pad and use it that way.


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