When looking for an ostomy pouch deodorant, the product “Na’Scent” comes up quite often in ostomy-related forums.

I requested a sample and have been testing this product over the last several weeks.   Today, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and experiences with the product.

Na’Scent comes in liquid drops, which are available in 1oz, 2oz, 8oz and 12oz.  The drops are meant to be used every time you empty your pouch.  The liquid is clear and is odorless. This product is meant to eliminate odor by killing bacteria which cause the odors. A full description of how Na’Scent works can be found on their website HERE

Before using the product, I had emailed NB Products (the makers of Na’Scent) to ask a few questions about this product.  Here was their reply (edited to remove non-essential stuff):

“No, Na`Scent does not contain hydrogen peroxide or anything that may be harmful to your skin. The warnings are things as a manufacturing that we have to put on our bottles. Na`Scent is sensitive to sunlight and over exposure to the air if cap is not kept on tightly. This is for the purpose of proper storage for the bottle. If not kept according to instructions it can affect the effectiveness of the product since it is a water based formula.

Also, Na`Scent is not made with any animal based ingredients.

We are the developers and manufactures of Na`Scent and none of the manufacturing is outsourced. Our product is 100% Made in the USA.”

This was great to read and I appreciate the thorough response from them.

Nascent bottles

Nascent bottles

The instructions say to add anywhere from 10 drops to 5ml (100 drops) depending on the consistency of the output and the diet.  I tried anywhere from 10 drops to 100 drops (5ml) and felt that using 5ml would increase the cost of using this product quite a bit.  Unfortunately, I experienced poor results even at 5ml.  

There always seemed to be odor, unless I used 5ml and emptied when there was very little stool in my pouch (i.e. 1/4 or less in the pouch).  It was disappointing to say the least, as this product is priced lower than most other deodorants and had it been effective at 20 drops (like some of the other products I’ve tested), then it would have offered big savings on supplies.  Reading other experiences with this product, I wonder why it didn’t work as well for me.  The odor from my output isn’t that bad to begin with and I know others have it much worse, but for me, I just wasn’t getting the results I was looking for.

At the time of this writing (Dec 2013), the cost of an 8oz bottle is approx. CDN$11.53 and about US$16.95 for the 12oz bottles through the Na’Scent website.  This product is sold worldwide and their site lists their distributors.  You can request samples right from the Na’Scent website.

Not recommended. 

I wish I had better luck with this product.  I like the company and way the product is manufactured and while my main supplier doesn’t carry this brand, I would have gone out of my way to order from another supplier IF it worked as intended.

Considering that so many people have given Na’Scent rave reviews, I’d suggest trying a sample for yourself, before you commit to purchasing this product.  Maybe you’ll have better luck!

For more info, visit http://www.nascent4u.com/

If you’ve used these drops, how have they worked for you?