What I ate… Sept 15, 2013

Things are getting much easier now at 3.5 weeks post-op.  

My appetite is huge, and I often wake up and go to bed hungry, despite the large amount of food I’m eating.  I’ve been hitting 3000+ calories again and finally gaining weight.

Here’s what I ate Sept 15th, 2013:


So I’m hitting well above all the RDA’s for the day, and I’ve been able to add some veg back into the diet (canned green beans and carrot).  

A few more weeks and I’ll hopefully get the OK to try to raw fruits and legumes.  You’ll notice under “caffeine” that my cost to eat for the day was $5.50, not including the Earth Balance vegan butter or the PC protein powder I added.  Not bad.

Again, I should note that while I did add my multi-vitamin to this log, I did not list my vitamin D, B12 or iron supplements.  

I should also mention again that I’ve increased the target requirement for iron, potassium and sodium, to compensate for the extras needed because of the ileostomy and because of the plant-based diet I’m on (vegans should get twice the RDA for iron because of lower absorption of iron from plants).

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