Convatec Allkare Adhesive Remover Wipes – REVIEW

Today, I’m reviewing the ConvaTec Allkare Adhesive remover wipes.  This is the only adhesive remover that I’ve purchased without first sampling the product, and I’d like to give my thoughts on them.

Disclosure: This product was purchased through my local supplier.

First, let me say that adhesive remover wipes, regardless of the brand, are better used to remove adhesive residue left over from your wafer or medical tape.

While they can be used to remove your ostomy wafer, it’s much easier to use an adhesive remover spray, like the ConvaTec Niltac product.

These wipes come in boxes of 50 or 100, and they are individually packaged for convenience.  

They have a lemon scent to them, which is nice. These wipes are small – like really small… if you plan on removing your wafer with these wipes, you’ll likely have to use more than one, which is rather disappointing as it makes wafer changes more troublesome and increases the cost of supplies.

These do work for removing ostomy wafers, but if your wafer has a good bond (like extended-wear wafers would normally do), then you’ll battle with your wafer and these wipes before it comes off.  And if you have hair under your wafer, these wipes won’t help with the “free waxing” you’ll get. But that’s not the dealbreaker…


For me, the biggest problem with these wipes is that they seem oily – they create a mess on your hands and skin, and you WILL need to wash your skin clean WITH SOAP before applying your wafer.  

This isn’t the case with other wipes I’ve used, and certainly not an issue with the adhesive remover sprays.

For that reason alone, I won’t use these anymore for removing my wafer.  And I likely won’t be buying these wipes again, even to remove residue from medical tape.

At the time of this writing (Jan 2022), the cost of a box containing 50 wipes is approx. CDN$40, which has gone up significantly over the years. The box of 100 wipes is approx. CDN$62.

Fortunately, most insurance companies should cover the cost.

You should be able to get these anywhere in the world as they are made by Convatec.  I don’t know if these are available as samples, but call your local supplier or ConvaTec and see if they’re able to send you some to try.

Not Recommended

I don’t have much more to say about these.  They disappointed me, but I’m glad there are other options available as far as adhesive removers go.  I may end up repurposing these wipes for removing stickers and labels on STUFF, not skin.

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Question: Have you used these wipes? Did you have a better experience with them?

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