Hollister M9 ostomy pouch deodorant – REVIEW

I received a sample of the Hollister M9 deodorant and I’ve been using thoroughly over the past week.

In this review, I’ll cover the product’s use, effectiveness, and cost.

Disclaimer: The products in this review were purchased out-of-pocket.

The one I’m using comes in liquid drops; Hollister also makes M9 spray, which I haven’t used.

These drops are added to your pouch every time you empty it.  

The liquid is blue, like the SG3 product, and also doesn’t smell like much (it almost has a slight Play-Doh scent) – these drops are intended to eliminate the odor in your pouch, rather than add any new scents to it.

Hollister m9 drops
Hollister m9 drops

The instructions say to add 4-12 drops, and I’ve been using anywhere from 4-20 in order to test it.  

12 seems to work fine – 20 works better, but I don’t like having to exceed the manufacturer’s recommendation.  

In most of my time in the bathroom, I noted little odor to some odor from the output, perhaps slightly less effective than the SG3 drops.  

And like the SG3, even with some odor, it’s not very offensive.

Keep in mind that how strong your output smells has a lot to do with what you eat – vegans generally don’t have highly offensive stools, but deodorant is still useful to bring down any odors.

My output tends to be fairly thick, and loose output tends to smell more in my experience.

Those with colostomies tend to have stronger smelling stools and I don’t know how well this product would work for them, or in a urostomy pouch. As for a sample to try.

At the time of this writing (Nov 2013), the cost of a 240ml bottle is CDN$30 and about US$18. Hollister also offers a 30ml size as well (Hollister #7715), which is great for travel bags. This product is sold worldwide.

Recommended, but…..

For Canadians, it’s hard for me to recommend this product because of the high cost compared to the SG3 drops I reviewed previously.  

If you are living outside of Canada and don’t have access to the SG3 drops, then this product is similar.  

The M9 drops easy to find, and almost any ostomy supplier will carry them.  The product does help with neutralizing odor in most cases, and many ostomates swear by it.

If you’re interested in trying the M9 drops out, contact your local Hollister office and request a sample.

For more info, visit www.hollister.com

Question: Have you used these drops? What do you think of them?

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  1. Sorry Eric,I didn’t check this topic for a while! I only use a few drops – approximately 12 at a time.  I also use this in combo with mineral oil, which is pretty slick when emptying my bag.  Stella :-) 


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