I’ve been trying out several pouch deodorants lately, Coloplast Brava, Hollister M9 and the SG3 pouch deodorant from O.O.S Medical.  I received a sample of the SG3 deodorant and I’ve been using it for well over a dozen times in the last week.

Here are my thoughts:

The product comes in liquid drops, which are added to your pouch every time you empty it.  The liquid is blue and really doesn’t smell like much – it’s suppose to eliminate the odor in your pouch, rather than make it smell like flowers.

The instructions say to add 8-10 drops, and I’ve been using anywhere from 8-20 in order to test it.  10 seems like the sweet spot, as you aren’t using too much and it’s fairy effective.  In most of my time in the bathroom, I noted no odor to some odor from the output.  Even with some odor, it’s not offensive in any way (I’m not saying my shit don’t stink, but…), and would work fine as it is. Now keep in mind that how strong your output smells has a lot to do with what you eat – vegans generally don’t have highly offensive stools, but deodorant is still useful to bring down any odors.  Those with colostomies tend to have stronger smelling stools and I don’t know how well this product would work for them, or in a urostomy pouch. As for a sample to try.

At the time of this writing (Oct 2013), the cost of a 240ml bottle is $16.40, which is almost half of what the M9 or Brava drops costs, so if you’re paying out of pocket for your supplies, this is a good thing to keep in mind. They offer smaller sizes as well, which is great for travel bags. As far as I know, this product is only sold in Canada, but give O.O.S Medical a call or Ostomy Essentials (owned by O.O.S Medical) and see where else their products are sold.

I’d recommend this product because of the price, but there are better products out there if you don’t mind spending extra for them.

Stay tuned for my review of the Coloplast Brava deodorant and the Hollister M9 drops.