It’s hard to believe, but three years ago today (on August 21, 2013) I had my ostomy surgery done. 

In those three years, there were a lot of new experiences and positive changes that came about because of my ostomy and I’ve celebrated my stoma ever since!

Last week I had you guys to send me questions, and you did not disappoint!

Here are two video responses I’ve put together which answer those questions.  Enjoy!

Part 1:

Questions answered in this video:

  1. If you take supplements, do you notice that sometimes they don’t absorb correctly and can you see them in your output?
  2. How did you get started doing this?
  3. I’ve been told that for men, eventually, your stomach hair under the wafer will stop growing. Is this what you’ve found?
  4. Has your disease or complications with your appliance ever gotten in the way of something really important in your life, and you come away from it feeling like you are worthless and your disease is ruining your life?
  5. Are supplies covered by insurance for most people, and if not, how much does it cost per month for ostomy supplies?
  6. I’m a very short person and thus probably wouldn’t do well with the standard sized bags. What types would be good for more petite people with an ostomy?
  7. Are you still waiting for Frank?

Additional resources/links from the video:
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Part 2:

Questions answered in this video:

  1. How long do you wait before ordering supplies?
  2. Do you eat leafy salads?
  3. What’s the best appliance you’ve ever tested?
  4. Having it for three years, do you feel reassured about your future, or do you worry about it more?
  5. What/how many supplies should I have ready to be prepared when I come home from the hospital?

BONUS: Parody of Bill O’Reilly’s “We’ll do it live” outburst.

Additional resources/links from the video:

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Big thanks to everyone who sent in questions! I’m looking forward to the next year with my stoma!