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Adding long, wide and flat Vent to ostomy bag.  


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July 26, 2020 11:53 am  

Hello, everybody, I would like to share the results of my experiments with improving ventilation  of ostomy pouch. Ballooning was often for me a problem, so I tried OSTO E-Z Vent. But there was a problem - I had to be awake to open the vent. Also, reaching for the vent's plug was inconvenient. Closing the vent was also sometimes difficult.

All these problems are solved for me, since I invented and made quite different Vent.

I bought a "lay flat tubing" which is 1 inch wide, on a roll, the foil is 4 mil, which I cut for straps 9" long and weld one end with lunch bag thermal sealer. I use strong, 1 inch wide two sided glue tape made by Tesa. I attach a rectangle of said tape, 1-1/4 long, to the upper front side of no-fabric Coloplast bag. To this tape I attach the strap, its weld just below lower edge of 2-sided tape. I have to cut the bigger opening in the bag for my stoma, and then I insert a long and thin strap of plywood into the plastic strap, for punching out a hole, 1/4" dia, using standard pipe-like punch. The hole is punched through the bag's wall, the Tesa tape and through one side of plastic strap (the plywood saves the second strap's wall from punching).

I need to insert into the plastic vent sort of wall separator, another flat strap with meshed walls, because without it the walls of lay-flat tubing tended to cling together, disabling gas escape. The vent's upper end is reaching above my waist line, and when flatulence happens, I am the first one to smell it, as the gas travels just under my shirt. This allows me to excuse myself from any social gathering for a while, before anybody else can smell anything.

Before night sleep, I insert a piece of toilet paper, to the top end of vent, this prevents small leaks of any possible liquid output. Now I can sleep without fear that the pouch ballooning would explode and soil my bed.

Another advantage of this vent is possibility to rinse the stoma - and with a lot of water, much more than rinsing through osto-E-Z vent. I use small funnel inserted in the top end of vent. This vent has many advantages compared to E-Z Vent, especially it can be made by ostomy bag users who have some basic skills.

Cheers, polgyver

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July 26, 2020 12:15 pm  

Hi polgyver, Welcome to the site. Necessity is the mother of invention. Plus never see anything wrong with something that gets the job done.

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July 28, 2020 1:47 pm  

Glad you made it to the forums, Andrzej! Thank you for sharing this. 

Feel free to add a photo of your invention to the topic.