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Emptying Sensura Mio drainable

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Hi all,

Can anyone tell me if they have any issues opening the flap on the Sensura Mio bag?

I currently use the Salts Confidence Be convex, which has quite a rigid drainable outlet (something flexible - just squeeze)

But i seem to have trouble opening the Sensura Mio, they are too flexible.  The rubbery bit sticks together and i cannot empty the contents without getting it all over my fingers

- what am i doing wrong?


I have recently had a sample of the Pelican Modavi drainable  bag which is has a similar drainable outlet to the Sensura, but there is at least a tiny flap to grab onto to pull open the spout


Any suggestions as to where i'm going wrong would be appreciated.  Ive looked around and cannot see that anyone else has any issue.



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Posted by: @et1

 The rubbery bit sticks together


I haven't used the Sensura bags in a while, but it sounds like you're having the same issue I had with Hollister bags with that outlet sticking together, so it can't be opened easily.

I would crease the plastic in the middle, and that made it really easy to open. The newer (thinner) Hollister bags seem to have eliminated this need. 

Let me know if that helps, or if it's even the same problem. 

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I am using them in the Coloplast Mio Sensura click two piece drainable bag and I also think in the one piece bag drainable.

All the Coloplast bags I have used have Velcro taps to hold the little flap at the opening back out of the way when emptying.

I squeeze the opening and if it does not open I slip a finger under the folded back flap to get it started.