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Should I feel like this? Hernia question

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Hi everyone,

I read everything posted about hernias, but I didn't find the answer I needed.  I've had my colostomy for about 2 1/2 months and I haven't had any problems so far (yay!)  I'm wondering if I have a small hernia in my stoma?  I've looked online at pictures and mine isn't big like the ones online.  I have a VERY firm spot behind my stoma.  It kinda hurts when I cough.  I'm going to call my doctor, but I want to make sure my visit won't be wasted (I've had a few false alarms).

Who am I kidding?  I'm going to call the doctor Monday morning.  But - does anyone have an opinion?

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Yes it is possible, when your surgery was done then the rectus abdominal muscles were cut

to allow the stoma to be formed. sometime part of the bowel bulges forward. If it retract when you lie down then that a indication of a slight hernia. A stoma nurse or a surgeon should be able to confirm this.

Core strength muscle exercise mention on the forum can help to reduce the hernia worsening. the stoma nurse can advise on belts etc to help manage.


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