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Relocating my stoma because of a hernia  


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June 16, 2018 4:54 pm  

Hey all!  I'm a relative newcomer to the ileostomy world, having just had surgery in February at Mount Sinai Hospital.  

I had lots of complications and ended up in the hospital for 30 days instead of 5.  Since then, my stoma has developed a fistula that will not heal and I have developed a dreaded hernia.

My surgeon is recommending that my stoma be relocated to the other side of my tummy., as she's not sure that she can successfully repair both the fistula and the hernia.  I am seriously freaking out!  One long and gruesome stay in the hospital was enough, and the thought of doing it a second time is horrid.

For those of you with hernias, how did you manage?  Were they repaired?  Did you have to reposition your stomas to the left side?  

My surgeon had thought of perhaps connecting my small intestine to my large and giving me a colostomy but my Crohn's disease has caused too much damage.  

Any ideas?  



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June 17, 2018 1:15 am  

Hey Cindy.

I'm so sorry that you're going through that. I have heard of stoma relocations and they can be a huge boost to your quality of life if you're currently experiencing troubles (which sound like you most definitely are). 

We have a few discussions about hernia repairs, but I don't know if they involved a relocation. I'm hoping that someone who's gone through it might be able to chime in!

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June 17, 2018 11:10 am  

Hi Cindy,

That was a very interesting post and thanks for sharing your story.  It sounds like you really had a hard time after your initial surgery and I understand your reluctance to sign up for more! Hospitals are no fun at all.  It does seem like there are medical solutions for these problems. And it is good that you are seeking more care.

I had a hernia and had it repaired.  The repair worked very well. It was just about a year ago and I have had no problems since. As Eric said, there are discussions about that here. I did not have the added complication of a fistula, so I really can't address that issue .

Like Eric said , it would be great to have more info from people who have had relocations or experienced fistulas on or near their stoma.

Sorry I can't be more help. But I do wish you good luck and keep sharing what you have learned. It is a great help to the whole community.

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June 18, 2018 11:05 am  

Kamgirl, Is there really a difference if your stoma is on the left or right side?  What did your dr. say? Do u still have nay of your large colon? If NOT, May be an easier step for you-- Get some learning big time and write down your questions when you see your Dr.  And get your answers so YOU understand them.  Nit the medical mumbo jumbo bit.  Layman's terms..  I had to tell my Dr, to talk to me as if I was 5 years old and then we can work upwards. :-)  BUt I got some understanding...…...then Eric and everyone here helped me fill in the blanks. :-)

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June 18, 2018 11:27 pm  


I guess we are somewhat lucky to be living in a world where so much is known about our issues with our guts.  If it helps you any...when I became really ill with my gut things, I had to spend 13 1/2 months in hospital.  6  1/2 were an hour away from my family.  Then I had to be transferred to Vancouver for another 6  1/2 and some.  That is 13 and a half months total.  I was five hours away from  my direct family, and man was I lonely.  My husband would drive from the Okanagan to Aldergrove where my folks live and from there to Vancouver. He would spend the early afternoon with me and during that visit, he always  closed the curtain around my bed and climbed onto the bed and would promptly fall asleep.  I loved hearing his snore again.  It brought great comfort.   I had prepared some crafts to take with me that I could do in bed.  Some cross-stitch and some small sewing projects.  If you like crafts at all, find or learn something that takes little concentration and can be easily interrupted.  Crochet a doily maybe.  Line up a few good novels.  Debbie McComber is a good and easy to follow read with clean love stories.  She also write a few series.  The book store will be able to fill you in.  I hope this surgery will be uncomplicated and a short stay for you tho.  

Let us know how things go for you and heal well.