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Colonoscopy with pe...

Colonoscopy with permanent ostomy.  


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March 7, 2019 11:25 am  

Hi guys. I have a question for you. 3 years ago I was diagnosed with stage 3c colorectal cancer. 3 months chemo and radiation and then 1st surgery Nov./2016. Removed tumour and illeostomy. 1 yr later 2nd surgery and bowel removed, butt sowed up and permanent colostomy. Since the 2nd surgery we moved to the east coast. My question is this, seeing as it is 3rd year since diag.,I was thinking I should have a colonoscopy(very scary thinking cancer might return) and was wondering how they do this thru stoma? Any help mucho appreciated.

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March 7, 2019 12:54 pm  

Hey kenf11, 

I've had an ileoscopy done, but it's pretty similar to how a colonoscopy would be done when you have a colostomy.

I've written about my experience here: with additional tips here:

Your doctor may have different prep instructions, so you'll want to check in with them, but the process of having the actual scope should be very similar. 

I've opted to stay awake during the procedure, since I find it interesting to watch, but it was a little painful (gas pains) and not for everyone. 

Either way, it's good that you're considering it and I wish you a clean bill of health!

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March 7, 2019 10:40 pm  

Hi Kenf11...I have had to have a colonoscopy thru my ileostomy.  I still have my rectum, so he scoped there first. My doctor was kind enough to agree to medicate me for the procedure. Past scopes I have always found very painful.  At any rate, it went very well, and very quickly. when I think of the fourty years it took to get a proper diagnoses, I was slowly loosing my BRAVE! Like Eric, I always rather enjoyed seeing the pictures as they went along my guts, but after that previous scope, I would opt. for the drugs any day. All the best to you, and because of cancer, I would truly recommend that you see your doctor and request one. Cancer is nothing to mess around with. Neither is your life. Be safe, not sorry.  All the best to you.


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March 13, 2019 1:18 pm  

When I still had my colostomy (bowel removed and permanent ileostomy July30th) I had 2 colonoscopies through my stoma.  I still have my rectum and they started there then went to my stoma.  I am a chicken so opted for the drugs.  My doctor uses versaid (sp?) Which he refers to as the " I don't give a damn drug". So I didn't feel anything and according to rumor had a marvelous time!  The doc said they went fine. 

Severe rheumatoid arthritis, spondoloarthropy, polymyalgia rhumatica, type 1 diabetic, IBS and finally, emergency diverticulitis surgery, colon removed Stella born Jan. 27, 2017. 6 bouts of c-diff, failed fecal transplant. Complete colonectomy and ileostomy July 30, 2018. ENOUGH!!

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