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Flat Stoma

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Hi Guys ! I need help... I had a huge Hernia removed from behind my Stoma, just got Home from Hospital .Do I need anything special?  My Stoma is flat !!!! What r my options for Barrier ? Nurse changed as usual, with all my usual supplies. No leakage yet. 

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Hi Kerby, I am sure it is a relief to have the repair done. The stoma now being flat may be as a result of the dip where the hernia was. It’s just my thought and I could be wrong. Did the nurse say anything about it. Lots of ostomates work well with a flush stoma and convex seems to be the way to go. Any use of this system should be on the advice of medical staff.  

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Yes, a real relief to have that repair done. Another thing to remember is that you stoma may ( and probably will) change some more as the healing progresses. My stoma was flat for quite awhile, and it varied for a long time too.. kind of up and down . Now it is 'up' more, but it doesn't stick out as  much as before. Expect variability!

I do use the light convex wafer ( Hollister). Be sure to bring that option up with your doctor or stoma nurse.

Best wishes for a quick recovery too.

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What do you mean by Barrier?  Are you asking about a Barrier Ring? The kind that you can mold to fit around your stoma? A Barrier ring? A nurse said I needed one, and I used them for some time after surgery but not at all since. I figured out that it was in the bag she had of supplies, but had no idea what they were for, she was awfully young.  My stoma was never flat. To this day it is usually out by at least an inch. I have seen it look like it was falling out on me one min.,  but the next it was back to normal size. Your stoma being flat could change with some swelling in the area too. Glad you are well enough to be home. Heal well! :) 


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Hi Kerby,

Glad to hear your hernia is fixed. I agree with the others in that you may have to see what happens when the swelling goes down, and ask your stoma nurse or doctor about using the convex system in the meantime. Like Dona, I wear a light convex barrier as I have slight irregularities around my stoma. 

Good luck and God bless!


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Hi Kerby,

I agree with what everyone has said. In addition to expected changes over the next several weeks, try to keep in touch with your stoma nurse over the next little while to report on any changes (good or bad). 

If everything on the appliance side of things is working, there's no reason to change it up. 

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Hi Kerby  I too agree with everybody here about the convex barrier . My stoma is not flat but very short . At first I had leak problems and couldn't figure it out (that was before I found Eric's site) . I went to see my ostomy nurse who has a really good reputation around here . She started me on a light convex barrier and since then I have had no problems . But like others have said . Get some advice from someone in the medical field first for sure . I have learned a lot on here in the past couple years . Good luck to ya .

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Just heads up - if you just got out after surgery, you possibly still have stitches around the stoma, which for me were visible. Do not change (unless Doctor say ok) to convex before stitches are gone, it would push on them, and possibly cause a big problem.

Just an FYI



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