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I screwed up re: contact form emails

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Hey guys, 

I caught a really embarrassing and disappointing error on my contact form. Since about mid-December, it seems that my reply email address was defaulting back to me, rather than to the person writing in.

That means that my replies did not get out. It should be fixed now, and I've sent replies back to everything I believe I missed, but I know some of those messages were time-sensitive so I'm really sorry this happened. 

If you are having any issues with ANY emails coming from me (this includes notifications from the forum), please let me know. 

It has still been taking me a few days to reply back to emails coming in, due to my schedule, but as long as I'm aware that there's a problem, I will work to fixing it. 

Sorry if this issue affected you. This is what happens when you rely on things working consistently for so long, but you don't double-check that they're still working :( 

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Hey Eric, It happens and I know yer mad at it but hey Lad know body is going to have an issue. Sometimes I think you don’t realise the impact you have had on so many lives Worldwide ???

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I would not know one way or another if I was affected. We are all big deal. You do so much here and I appreciated this site of yours so very much in so many ways! I love what you have done here. To think back when I was so new with my stoma and all the issues I had in learning how to deal with this thing, I can only imagine the relief that people feel when they sign in and get honest answers either before or after their surgery. Expected or unexpected. Eric, you are a God send! Your family allowing this time away from them, run a very close second. Make sure you tell them I said so. :)


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Ditto, Eric! Not at all your fault whatsoever!!! 


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Eric, as someone who use to run a website, there are a lot of things that can go wrong, and you would not see it, or know about it. Relax - our questions and request will be taken care of, that we know for sure, you have put a lot into this website to help others, we can not complain.

Take it easy, we all appreciate you and this site more then you will ever know.



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