Coloplast Brava Lubricating Deodorant – REVIEW

When I was in the hospital following my ileostomy procedure I was giving a small “care package” which included, among other things, Coloplast’s Brava Lubricating Deodorant.

I’ve been using it quite often the past two months several years and I’d like to share my thoughts about it.

About the Brava Lubricating Deodorant Sachets

Product name: Brava Lubricating Deodorant
Manufacturer: Coloplast
Product #: 12061
Quantity: 240ml bottles.

This product comes in liquid drops, which are available in 8 oz (approx. 240ml) and .25 oz (approx. 7.4ml) sachets.  These drops, like the previous deodorant drops I reviewed, are added to your pouch every time you empty it.

The liquid is clear and has a slightly soapy smell. It’s not a strong or offensive smell.

Additionally, this product is free of animal ingredients, which make it suitable for vegans.

One comment that I’d like to make about the bottle is that the top comes off, which means you may be fumbling with a loose cap when you’re using it. I much prefer pop-up tops that can be used with one hand.

How to Use This Product

The instructions say to add 5-10ml to your pouch after shaking the bottle beforehand.  To be honest, 5-10ml (approx. 100-200 drops if you’re counting) seems REALLY excessive to me for odor control.

I’ve been happily using 1ml (20 drops) and it seems to work with pretty much any output I’ve been faced with. A benefit of using less is that it also lasts longer, but if you start with less and work your way up to an acceptable level for you, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

The sachets are NOT that big… it’s for illustration only.

With 20 drops, I still get a slightly soapy smell from my pouch contents when emptying.  I prefer this subtle fragrance over unscented products, as it makes things FEEL cleaner (and your bathroom is left with a pleasant smell, too).

I should add that these drops are lubricating as well, so if you have formed output from a colostomy or thick output from an ileostomy, it should allow stool to be cleared more easily from the pouch and help to prevent pancaking.

You might need to use the recommended 5-10ml if lubrication is more of a requirement for you.  Test, test, test and see what works best for you.


At the time of this writing (Jan 2022), the cost of an 8oz bottle is approx. CDN$24.  This product is sold worldwide and most insurance companies will cover it.

If you’re interested in sampling this product, you should be able to get them through Coloplast without any trouble.


  • Works well to cover pouch odor.
  • The subtle fragrance is pleasant.
  • Helps to prevent pancaking.
  • The bottle is easy to use.
  • The clear liquid won’t stain like blue deodorants can.
  • Free of animal ingredients.
  • You can use as much or as little as you like.
  • Available worldwide


  • A pop-up top would have been preferred over the screw-off lid.
  • The instructions ask you to use far more than necessary (in my opinion).
  • May lose its lubricating effectiveness between applications.
  • Not easy to travel with, and the size exceeds TSA limits for carry on.

Highly Recommended

I really like this deodorant. Even using much lower liquid than suggested, it not only eliminates pouch odors, but adds a very slight scent which isn’t bad at all. An 8oz bottle might be a tad too large for an everyday travel kit and the sachets are bit on the pricey side, so if Coloplast were able to offer a 1oz option, that would be fantastic. For now, using a small dispensing bottle that I pre-fill with these drops would work for the time being.

For more information or to request samples, please visit or (If in Canada).

Question: Have you used this lubricating deodorant product?

6 thoughts on “Coloplast Brava Lubricating Deodorant – REVIEW”

  1. You mentioned the limit in size on plane carry ons… That doesn’t apply to any medical supplies. Check tsa or your airline but a few months ago when I flew from Michigan to Florida you could have a carry-on bag free of charge as long as it only has medical supplies in it. This bag does NOT count into your alowed bags by the airline. Medical liquids, small rounded end ostomy scissors are also exempt from the rules. I have taken 2- 8oz bottles of ostomy deodorant through security before with no problem. They will pull your bag aside and test it for explosives, ask you what the liquid is for… but they will let you keep it. It is part of disability rights. Make sure you pack all your supplies together both for the free bag and to prove you need the deodorant security needs to see them together. I have also had them test the ostomy I was wearing before (on the outside of clothes). You can also get a disability card from TSA “TSA notification card” that states what your disability is, that way you don’t have to say it in a crowded airport.
    TSA allowed /disallowed list

    Many people don’t know this stuff, please look into it and make an info page for all your readers. (If you want of course.) I don’t know what the rules would be if you are traveling outside the U.S. though.

    • Hi, Melanie.

      Thank you for the comment and tips.

      I have written about this in my travel guide, but in my experience, the medical supply rule seems to depend on the checkpoint guard on duty at the time so I never risk it.

      It may be easier if you’re traveling within the US, but it’s never been straightforward when traveling in/out of it.

      I always advise that travelers call ahead.

  2. As a deodorant, I feel the Brava hits the mark. As a lubricant however, I feel the Brava missed by a long shot. It just doesn’t stay in place long enough to make it effective as a lubricant. I Tested the Brava from Coloplast and Adapt by Hollister in a non-scientific experiment. I added approximately (within a ml or 2) the same amount of product into a Hollister pouch and spread the product around as directed in the instructions. I then hung both pouches side by side and watched as the Brava simply slid down to the bottom within a minute or 2 rendering it useless as a lubricant, while some the Adapt actually stuck around for 10 minutes or more. My opinion is nether product is very effective as a lubricant and their names should be switched to Deodorant, Lubricant to reflect what the product is best at.

    • Wonderful analysis, Brian. The lubricating effectiveness likely vary from person to person depending on how often they need to empty their bag.

      I think a problem with making the product TOO lubricating, is that it may compromise the wafer. This is why adding oil to your bag is not recommended (although I know people who have).

      I had been asking myself why manufacturers can’t add a non-stick coating (i.e. like Teflon) to the inside of these bags, but then I started to think about the possible health implications that might have (i.e. constant contact with your stoma).

      Thanks again for commenting! I invite you to share any other insights you might have about other products you’ve tried.

      Take care,


      • In order to make the bottle version easier to handle, I decant some into a 30 ml dropper bottle which serves up one ml per dropper. This would help when traveling as well.

        I would like to find an ingredient list for this product, but it’s neither on the box, bottle or Coloplast website.


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