Ostomy Questions Answered: Reversals? Intimacy? Surgical Complications? (video)

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In this video, we explore audience questions about ostomy reversal surgery, intimacy after surgery, and more!

This video is a continuation of a presentation I gave during the Power of You Ostomy Education Seminar in Regina, Saskatchewan on May 5th, 2018. If you’re interested in viewing Part 1 (my presentation), you can check it out here.

I hope you enjoy the video!

Ostomy Questions Answered: Reversals? Intimacy? Surgical Complications?
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Some of the topics and questions that me, Sheryl Walker (a stoma nurse) and Dr. Ryan Suri (General Surgeon) cover include:

  • What do you wish you knew before surgery that you didn’t know until after surgery?
  • Thoughts on reversal surgery.
  • Sex and intimacy following ostomy surgery.
  • Possible surgical complications affecting sexual function.
  • Benefits of keeping an ostomy over a reconnection (internal pouch).
  • How does our body adjust to losing a colon?
  • If you were given the opportunity, would you have a reversal?
  • Should we encourage patients to have a reversal?
  • Risks of ostomy reversal surgery.
  • Has public perception about ostomies changed? What else needs to be done?

1 thought on “Ostomy Questions Answered: Reversals? Intimacy? Surgical Complications? (video)”

  1. Great Q and A, Confidence is a main factor in dealing with an ostomy, it don,t matter if its finding or living with your partner or just going to work, its knowing I can live a normal life. I never have had the choice of a reversal but if it ever had been their I would be nervous to go back to the bad old days. Peoples reaction to me with an ostomy has 99% of the time been positive, and so much now with my friends and family it don’t even get mentioned. I Have Nieces and nephews born since my surgery and no one has ever had to sit them down and say oh Uncle John is a bit different. Same thing when family members new partners have come along. On a different note have to say love that building with the Teepee as an entrance/porch.


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