Talking to Your Kids About Ostomy Surgery

Talking to your kids about ostomy surgery header

When I had my ileostomy surgery, my kids were eleven and eight years old. I was quite open with them about my surgery and what was involved, but I know that it can be a challenge for some parents.

In this article, I hope to share some ideas on how to approach this topic with young kids so you are both comfortable talking about the surgery and the life that follows it.

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Everything You Do Is An Achievement: Living With IBD (w/ video)

Everything You Do Is An Achievement- IBD

I dedicate this post to my friends who haven’t been able to catch a break because of IBD.

Through my blog, I’ve tried to share ways that can help improve the quality of life for someone with an ostomy. While I also have Crohn’s Disease, I handled my flares poorly, and so I can’t offer much help to those who are suffering with IBD at this very moment. 

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