My Interview with OstomyLife at WOCN 2018! (Video)

OsotmyLIfe Interview 2018

Back in June, I was invited to be on a panel for Shield HealthCare to discuss ostomy life. But I also had a chance to sit with one of my heroes for an interview.

(If you’d like a recap of my trip to Philadelphia for the WOCN 2018 Conference, check out THIS blog post.)

Laura Cox, Shield HealthCare’s Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist, asked me to sit with her to answer some questions about life before and after my Crohn’s diagnosis and ostomy surgery.

Shield HealthCare has published a video of this interview, which you can check out below.

OstomyLife Interview with Eric Polsinelli
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Some of the topics we talk about in the interview include:

  • My diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease.
  • My initial thoughts about having ostomy surgery.
  • Tips on how to live more positively with an ostomy.
  • Some stereotypes of having an ostomy.
  • My advice for new patients.
  • How my advocacy journey began and the birth of VeganOstomy.
  • My biggest accomplishments post surgery.

I want to thank Shield HealthCare for having me there, and Laura Cox for being such an amazing person.

Please visit Shield HealthCare’s OstomyLife website for more articles, videos, and interviews:

7 thoughts on “My Interview with OstomyLife at WOCN 2018! (Video)”

  1. Nice video! I found it a couple weeks ago via a Google search. She did videos with the other people on the pannel. Laura sounds like an awesome person and it would be cool to meet her. I found this site through one of her webinars on YouTube. I reached out to her with all my questions before I found this forum. 

  2. Great video!  Another reason why I keep coming back to this website is that I am so inspired by you, Eric. There have been days when I begin to grieve for the body I had – the past few days have been like that for me. But you have reminded me time and again that my ostomy gave me another chance at life (praise God!!!). Laura Cox is another inspiration – I have watched her videos as well.Stella


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