I Celebrated My 4th “Stomaversary”! (w/ video)

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August 21, 2017 – It’s hard to believe that it’s been four years since I had my ostomy surgery!

To celebrate, I did a live-stream on YouTube to share my thoughts, answer questions, and to say thanks for all the support you’ve been giving me these past several years!

The live stream with a huge success! Thank you all for participating! If you missed it, you can see the reply below.


4th "Stomaversary" Celebration! (Live stream)
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4 thoughts on “I Celebrated My 4th “Stomaversary”! (w/ video)”

  1. Susan, from the waist down IS considered A bacterial area. From my experience with the water to bag thing, causes leaks.. When I change my pouch, I have many white wash cloths (so I can bleach them after) I clean my stoma area with a white wet, wash cloth, keep tissues to collect any deliveries-haha-true tho- take another cloth and pat dry-and hop to let this area air dry. then slap on the dress!!!
    If your not into showers yet, (I do baths) unless I get a leak at night then the shower.. I did sponge baths for many months as I was so weak.. Hey, I was not dirty working out side and weeding was I??

  2. Susan, I was like you 3 years ago-then last year I became malnourished. Totally!! I didn’t want a blockage either. But I got worse! No blockage, but I sure was sick with no proper nutrition! Well honey, I eat everything now!! (no corn, raw veg-u have the list)-(Eric has done a great job on this and everything else) Get the home made soup in, fish (I hate fish) chicken,salads, breakfasts, rice, mashed potatoes, gravy, steaks go for it!! You have a stomach that can aid in digestion.. chew WELL and enjoy!!
    Don’t be afraid-that is your problem now-just like me.. but no more!! When you eat, walk a bit-do some house work, dusting- get your insides moving again.. And for Gods sake DRINK FLUIDS!! Be a happier you and enjoy a pizza.. The Metamucial? gave me hard out puts and got clogged and got leaks and a small blockage that was pushed through with hot coffee and grape juice. Along with a nice hot bath.. keep with Eric, We are a new normal and a great team, most of all new friends. So sue, RELAX, get to know the new you-what did u name your stoma? Come on Sue, give it a name– Mine is whooowa “Nellie” She likes to get dressed up after a hot bath.. Would hope so after all the money I out for her clothes huh? Ya, I dress Nellie every third day-needs it or not-the 4th day? I can count on the itching and then a leak.. and that leads to more problems.. Be safe.. Be happy.. Marcie..

  3. In your response to my post, my Surgeon told me to take Metamucil 2x a day, one TBS & it helps to thicken my output. I am not always liquid.
    I have not been able to figure out the hours it takes from when I eat until it goes into my bag.
    I think the less “stuff” the better and being on a very low income, most items are cost prohibitive for me as I live alone so I have to keep it simple.
    If my folded bag gets wet oh the shower it QUICKY dries with patting it on an Aquila towel and by the time I am ready to blow dry it, it is almost dry. There is only water in the roll & lock abs that is easy to dry off. My barrier has barrier extenders which do not absorb water and I usually shower the night before I change everything and my Stoma Nurse has me doing M W F so I go a few extra days from Friday or Saturday until Monday.
    This was her instructions and I wash my stomach that was under the barrier with a very diluted miles unsecented liquid soap so I am sticking to this plan.
    I have not tried raw veggies as I was told to steam them.
    I called the company about the blue crown apron bag cover and they are very expensive for me and the person from that company hung up on me.
    Sorry for the long messsge. Your videos are good and I was told by Hollister Nurses and sales and my Stoma Nurse to NEVER PUT WATER IN THE BAG TO CLEAN IT OUT as the Stoma could get infected as tap water has bacteria in it.
    Thank you for all you do. I will read and watch and not comment again as it is rather pointless for me.
    The only problem I have is getting more protein and I can only eat steamed veggies and if they are fresh I was told to peel the skin off and steam them. That is what I am going to do. I do not want a blockage.
    Thank you again for all you do and today slipped away from me and I am very hungry so I will eat dinner in stages but I am trying to eat s larger lunch or breakfast and I will try oatmeal. I thought it might cause a blockage so I did not make it.
    I was going to try Smoothies to get my veggies & protein in powder but not sure.
    So thank you again.
    I am glad all these other procedures work for you.
    Please take care.


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