Happy Stomaversary! My Second Year with an Ostomy!

VeganOstomy 2ND YEAR STOMAVERSARY header

I’ll be honest, I have no idea where the last year went, but it’s been two years since my ileostomy surgery on August 21st, 2013. Two years since I willingly gave up my diseased colon, and traded it for an ostomy bag – it was the best decision at the time, and I have zero regrets to this day.

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My First MRI

MY first MRI

I had my first MRI today in order to find out why my butt has been hurting (and bleeding) over a year since my proctectomy.  I’d be nice if perianal disease could quit being such a pain in the ass!

The experience was interesting, and if you have an IBD, you may at some point need an MRI too. Of course, no two experiences are the same, so keep that in mind while I explain how my day went.

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