Ostomy Diet: Beyond Your Recovery

Ostomy diet tips

Once you’ve passed your post-op healing phase (usually six weeks), and you’ve gotten tired of the restricted post-op diet, it’s time to start getting back into a more standard diet that will support you long-term.

Fortunately, most ostomates can return back their old diet, but there are some exceptions that ileostomates should know about.

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Ostomy Diet: What to Eat in the First Six Weeks (w/ video)

Ostomy Diet: The first 6 weeks

I was fortunate to have received quite a bit of information about what foods to eat (and avoid) following my ileostomy surgery. The information was quite important because it was aimed to not only prevent dehydration but also to avoid potential blockages.

Because our stoma swells up after surgery, we can’t eat meals that would be hard to pass through that swollen stoma.

Knowing how to reduce the risk of blockages is important (saving you a trip from the ER!).

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Has my diet changed after getting my ostomy?

How an ostomy changed how I eat

During my last giveaway, I had asked readers to send in their questions about anything related to IBD, ostomy or my vegan lifestyle.  I received some great questions, but several people asked how my diet has changed since getting my ostomy. It’s a great question for anyone who might be headed for surgery, so here’s what my experience has been like.

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IBD/Ostomy nutrition – tips

tofu stirfry

Food substitutions may be required if your digestive problems extend to more than just having a stoma.  For some of us with IBD (Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s), there may be problems like strictures, internal scarring or active disease that might be preventing us from eating certain foods. This certainly poses a problem, as getting adequate nutrition often involves eating a variety of food. So what can we do about that?

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