Hitler Reacts to the Confusion about IBD and IBS: PARODY (video)

Hitler Reacts to the confusion about IBD and IBS

No matter how hard advocates try, it seems that everyone still confuses IBD with IBS. In this parody of the famous bunker scene from the movie Downfall (2004), Hitler is given the bad news….


Hitler Reacts to Confusion over IBD and IBS (parody)
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If you’ve ever confused IBD and IBS, or have heard someone who’s confused the two, please read up on what IBD is.

For those of us who live with IBD (Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis), it’s difficult enough to explain how life with this disease can be without having to mix it up with another totally different health problem.

I’ve written before about how I use humor to cope with having Crohn’s Disease, and I hope that I can use the humor in this parody to reach people outside the IBD community. This video is not meant to offend anyone (although a sense of humor is needed to appreciate it), and this “Hitler Reacts” parody has been quite popular for over 9 years.

Please share this article and video to get the word out. We can end this confusion together!

A friend of mine, Amber from Colitis Ninja, has made a beautiful infographic illustrating the differences between IBD and IBS which you can find here (link posted with permission):

Here are some articles I’ve written about IBD:
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I also have links to some of my favorite IBD resources here:

QUESTION: Do you find that most people don’t understand the difference between IBD and IBS?

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